On the List — Capitol Hill Pride 2019 | PrideFest on Broadway, Doggy Drag Show, Wildrose+Queer/Bar+Union street parties, Democratic candidate debates

PrideFest Capitol Hill will again fill Broadway and Cal Anderson Park with Pride revelers (Image: CHS)

Doggy Drag Show

Pride weekend is upon us, and if you need help picking parties, marches, rallies or events, we’ve got some ideas. Among them: A DonnaTella Howe-hosted pinball party/contest Pride No-Pants Pinball at Raygun Lounge (proceeds go to Lambert House, a local community center for LGBTQ+ youth), Linda’s Tavern 5th annual Pride drag show (fueled by frozen drinks), free Stonewall Riot-inspired dance performances, films and processions by artist Fox Whitney in/near Velocity and on the Hill, and much more. Find it on the list below, plus on the CHS Capitol Hill Pride Calendar and CHS Calendar.

WEDNESDAY, June 26 – THURSDAY, June 27: Though it feels like the 2020 Presidential campaign began a long time ago, its official kick off is marked by the first Democratic candidate debates this Wednesday and Thursday. As CNN put it: “It’s the moment that Democrats have been anticipating since the tearful trauma of Election Night 2016 — when their campaign to make Donald Trump a one-term President really begins.” Cheer, boo and drink your Trump trauma away at watch parties on the Hill at Hula Hula ($4 off Pina Coladas & Berry Daiquiris during the debate), Capitol Cider, Queer/Bar, Life on Mars and The Pine Box. Various locations, 6 PM  Continue reading

Police investigate shootout in First Hill alley — UPDATE

A picture from above provided by a CHS reader shows multiple shell casings and evidence markers spread throughout the alley and the vehicle that was apparently targeted in the shootout

Gunfire echoed through the streets of First Hill late Tuesday night in a shootout in an alley that left a car shot up and leaking gasoline but apparently no victims.

Police reported hearing the gunshots and multiple 911 callers reported up to 10 shots in a bout of gunfire around 10:35 PM near Boren and James, according to East Precinct radio updates.

SPD says it will have more information on the shooting later today.

According to radio updates, witnesses described a silver Mercedes occupied by two shooters and a driver and last seen speeding away from the scene in the alley below the Broadstone Saxton apartment building.

One eyewitness tells CHS the targeted vehicle had a bullbar style push bumper and had at least two bullet holes in the rear windshield and was leaking gasoline. UPDATE: Police say the car was a security patrol vehicle and provided a brief report on the incident:

Police are investigating after three gunmen opened fire on a security guard’s empty vehicle late Tuesday evening on First Hill. At 10:39 pm, police received multiple reports of gunfire in the 1000 block of James Street. When officers arrived on scene, they found a grey Dodge Charger, belonging to a private security company, which had been damaged by gunfire.

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The Meinert letters a bid to deny former Pike/Pine bar owner’s efforts to re-grow nightlife empire off Capitol Hill

Dow Constantine at 2011’s Capitol Hill Block Party with then-producer Dave Meinert (Image: CHS)

Some believe it was the letters documenting allegations of sexual misconduct and rape posted outside his Pike/Pine venues that ultimately drove David Meinert off Capitol Hill last summer. The nightlife entrepreneur has continued to do business in Seattle at his 5 Point bar and is now preparing to begin rebuilding his empire of cheap beer and barstools with his purchase of Lower Queen Anne classic, the Mecca Cafe.

But letters could again be an issue.

Wednesday night, a group is planning to meet for a writing party at Capitol Hill bar Corvus and Co. Others have promised to hand out form letters on the streets for neighbors to sign and send in. Templates have been passed around and traded on social media. Here is one simple, straightforward example:

To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to strongly urge the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board to DENY a new liquor license to Queen Anne Diner LLC/David John Meinert for the Mecca Cafe (license number 350217). Mr. Meinert has had 11 credible sexual assault accusations levied against him recently. In many of these assaults, Mr. Meinert had been drinking alcohol and/or assaulted women in bars he has owned. Please deny this new liquor license application.

Thank you,
(your name here)

Thursday, June 20th, public notice was given that Meinert had applied for a new liquor license for 526 Queen Anne Ave N, the home of the Mecca, as part of the process of acquiring the legendary hangout. For 14 days, the notice must be posted at the place of business. The Meinert letter writers hope they can convince the liquor board to deny the the new owner the vital license.

But the odds are stacked against them. Continue reading

Seattle educators give passing grades to two District 3 candidates — but not the one with a seat on the School Board


Fresh off news of her surprisingly strong fundraising, public defender and District 3 candidate Ami Nguyen is sharing an endorsement with incumbent Kshama Sawant that comes as a major blow to the campaign of another of the challengers.

The Seattle Education Association, the city’s public school teachers union, has endorsed Nguyen and Sawant for the August primary.

“Ami Nguyen impressed us as a candidate who understands from firsthand experience the life-changing power of a quality education replete with fully funded support programs and strong advocates. Her story and depth of legal knowledge and experience as a public defender make her a worthy candidate for our endorsement,” the group writes. Continue reading

CHS Reader District 3 Candidate Survey — Call for questions

Follow the money. More of it has already flowed into the race for the District 3 seat on the City Council representing Capitol Hill, the Central District, and the nearby than any other in Seattle. The issues at hand — affordability, homelessness, worker rights, civil rights, transportation, and more — have been taking shape for each of the five challengers and incumbent in the race. You can find all of CHS’s Election 2019 coverage here.

In 2015, the last time the seat was up for grabs, CHS experimented with a new way of drilling in on important questions in the district– the CHS Reader D3 Candidate Survey. The 2015 results are posted here. In 2019, it’s time to ask new questions.

Here’s the plan: Continue reading

A current council member donates to Sawant challengers, Amazon execs particularly love one candidate, a surprising $ leader, and more in District 3’s campaign contributions

$500,558.That’s how much has already been raised in the battle over District 3’s seat on the Seattle City Council, making it by far the most expensive race in the city. District 6 comes in second with $376,520.

With the primary only six weeks away and ballots being sent out next month, things are likely to heat up, particularly now that the fundraising and spending cap has been lifted for all of the five D3 candidates using the city’s Democracy Voucher program to fuel their campaigns to unseat incumbent Kshama Sawant — who, notably, is not participating in the program.

Now challengers Logan Bowers, Pat Murakami, Egan Orion, Ami Nguyen, and Zachary DeWolf can also accept donations of up to $500 in the scramble to catch up with Sawant’s $163,677 raised. Bowers, with $87,910 in second place in terms of total funds raised and Nguyen with $78,358 in third, still have a long way to go.

One thing Bowers, a pot store entrepreneur and housing development proponent, has going for him when it comes to fundraising: out of all D3 candidates, he’s getting the most substantial donations, $94 average, followed by Egan Orion with $82, then Sawant ($77), Nguyen ($75) Dewolf ($74) and Murakami ($69).

Though Sawant could accept  $500 from the start of her campaign and Bowers only since April, most of her contributors donate much lower amounts: a majority (53%) gives something between 0 and $25, and three-quarters of donations to her campaign are less than $100. That number is only a little over half for Bowers, one of Sawant’s most vocal critics when it comes to big donors and campaign money.

“It’s unfortunate, as every candidate except Kshama, myself included, were perfectly happy to keep big money out,” Bowers said in a statement to CHS in April, when Sawant had raised over $75,000, clearing the way for Bowers to successfully appeal the SEEC to lift his fundraising and spending cap. In the same statement, Bowers took aim at Sawant’s “big out-of-state donors.”

It’s a common criticism of Sawant’s campaign, which has drawn scrutiny as the leading fundraiser in the city’s most expensive district race and the race with the most non-city dollars streaming in. About a quarter of the total raised in D3, $124,267, comes from outside city limits, $84,136 of which flowed into Sawant’s campaign.

“Outside of city limits” dollars doesn’t necessarily equal “out of state,” however. 58% of Sawant’s campaign money listed on her itemized contributions list (which is not yet updated with more recent, Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission-vetted data and does not list anonymous and unitemized contributions of $25 or less) comes from Washington, and roughly 7/10 of her campaign contributors live in Washington state.  Continue reading

Police search for suspect after shooting victim found at Broadway and Howell — UPDATE: No shooting, SPD says

(Image: SPD)

A man was shot multiple times and police were searching for the assailant in an incident at Broadway and Howell just across from Cal Anderson Park and near Seattle Central College.

UPDATE 6/26/19: SPD has dropped a bit of a bombshell on this one. Monday’s shooting victim wasn’t shot:

The victim does not have any injuries consistent with gunfire. At this point in the investigation, detectives have not found evidence of a crime or a shooting.

The new revelation lines up with information previously reported by CHS — there were no witnesses to the incident and police had been unable to establish the location where the reported shooting took place.

Original report: Seattle Fire was called to the scene just after 8 PM Monday after a man told passersby he had been shot. SFD was at the scene with the victim who was transported to the hospital but we do not have further information on the man’s condition. UPDATE: SFD describes the man as in stable condition.

SPD was searching the area including Cal Anderson, Seattle Central, and the nearby Capitol Hill Station after getting description information from a witness.

Police had cordoned off Seattle Central’s main building and were searching the building. According to the school’s calendar, Monday was the first day of the campus’s summer quarter.

“We’re fine,” one person who said she was inside the building during the search posted to social media. “There seems to be a lot of police in the building and we’re confined to the lecture hall. Econ teacher is still lecturing surprisingly.” Continue reading

Proposal would honor Broadway business owner with E Barbara Bailey Way festival street at Capitol Hill Station

The Denny festival street

Seattle is working to rename the “festival street” portion of E Denny Way though the Capitol Hill Station between Broadway and Cal Anderson to honor a late Capitol Hill business owner remembered as a LGTBQ and civil rights champion.

The block-long Barbara Bailey Way will honor Barbara Bailey who founded Broadway’s much-loved Bailey/Coy Books only blocks away and passed away last fall.

“Barbara loved Seattle and she poured herself into making it better. She was an early pioneer for LGBTQ+ rights. Her bookstores were safe, welcoming places for the LGBTQ+ community,” said Mayor Jenny Durkan said in a statement on the proposed legislation that began its path through City Hall Monday. Continue reading

Logan’s Espresso stand now fueling up walkers — and drivers — at E Madison service station

The Shell station on 17th and Madison has a new parking lot-mate, Logan’s Espresso. The walk-up — and drive-thru — coffee stand located in the corner of the parking lot opened earlier this month and is trying to catch the attention of foot and car traffic on the corner with its plant wall and neon pink sign.

“I thought Logan’s would be great because there are not a ton of walk-up coffee places in Capitol Hill. I love coffee, and I love the idea of people bonding over something as small as getting a drink,” said Courtney Dabbagh, owner of Logan’s Espresso.

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City Council comes to Central District to talk taking on gun violence with cops on foot, SDOT improvements, economic development

Flowers and a memorial left for Royale Lexing along E Union (Image: CHS)

A slide from the Gender Equity, Safe Communities, New
Americans, and Education Committee meeting

One-third of the Seattle City Council, half a dozen city department officials, and the deputy chief of the Seattle Police Department met with a crowded room of Central District residents Thursday evening as they outlined the city’s holistic approach to addressing the recent spate of gun violence in the neighborhood that has left citizens worried.

Lorena González brought herGender Equity, Safe Communities, New Americans, and Education Committee committee to the CD for a special meeting In collaboration with the African American Community Advisory Council at the Seattle Vocational Institute in what has been the most significant official response to concerns about gun violence and a deadly shooting in the neighborhood.

On a Friday afternoon in mid-May, 19-year-old Royale Lexing was found dead by police outside Swedish Cherry Hill where he was rushed by private vehicle after multiple shooters exchanged fire in a chaotic scene along E Union. This was the first fatal shooting in the community in the first six and a half months of a year since 2014, according to SPD. Continue reading