Death of a Capitol Hill waffle shop

(Image: @ktomcreative)

The Capitol Hill food and drink midway is down a sideshow and now lacks in the bright yellow neon and waffle department.

The Hill expansion of Sweet Iron has shuttered leaving a small retail hole in the commercial space of one of the largest preservation incentive-boosted developments in Pike/Pine.

We haven’t heard back from ownership about the shutdown but the original downtown Sweet Iron from the Jeffrey family remains open. Continue reading

Sawant vs. Orion on police accountability: ‘Public safety problems are not because we don’t have enough police, it’s because of inequality’

It was a busy 24 hours for police accountability in Seattle.

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge James Robart issued a ruling clarifying that the city still needs to correct issues in its police accountability system. These problems led Robart to rule earlier this year that the Seattle Police Department had fallen partly out of compliance with a 2012 federal consent decree mandating that the city address allegations of bias in policing and the use of excessive force.

Robart also ruled Tuesday that, in finding ways to mend flaws in the SPD’s internal investigations of officer misconduct, Seattle may consult outside advisers.

And on Wednesday, an internal SPD inquiry found that an officer acted reasonably when he shot and killed a man armed with a handgun after a traffic stop last year, a shooting that has drawn deep scrutiny.

So Wednesday’s night’s police accountability forum at Centilia Cultural Center in Beacon Hill with candidates from many of the Seattle City Council races, was timely to say the least. And this time, both Kshama Sawant and Egan Orion were there. Continue reading

City needs Emergency Preparedness volunteers for District 3

Seattle wants you to help prepare your neighbors for emergencies and natural disasters. The city’s Office of Emergency Management is putting out a call for volunteer Emergency Preparedness Public Educators in each of the city’s seven City Council districts:

Are you interested in helping your neighborhood and the Seattle community prepare for disasters? We are looking for community members within the seven Seattle Council Districts to serve as Emergency Preparedness Educators with the Seattle Office of Emergency Management (OEM). Our volunteer educators are trained to provide emergency preparedness education to Seattle’s diverse community through presentations, tabling events, neighborhood meetings, and special events. On any given day, our volunteers may give a presentation in a living room, an office building, at a community center, a condo building, an assisted living facility, or a neighborhood council. We are looking for flexible individuals who know their neighborhoods well and share our passion for educating the community about the importance of emergency and disaster preparedness. Join our growing team!

The city is looking for two volunteers in each district. Continue reading

Suika and Tamari Bar family grows to Broadway where dragon-themed Rondo set to rule the day

Makoto Kimoto, center

Opportunistic, fast, and thorough, Makoto Kimoto is once again preparing a new project that will carve his vision of Japanese bar culture out of a space left empty by a failed Capitol Hill-launched food+drink chain concept.

Even better, this sibling to E Pine’s Suika and Tamari Bar will bring a new daytime energy to the family. Continue reading

On the List | Volunteer Park Halloween Pet Parade, Boys in Trouble dance, Iceland invades Liberty

Spooky season is upon us, so get ready for some eerie events on Capitol Hill (and Hilloween, which is back this year). Lusio Lights festival in Volunteer Park also makes an October appearance, though the light art installations and party amidst the tropical and other plants are more festive than frightening.

Next Monday at Pettirosso, The Traveling Chef Josh Ploeg cooks up a 4-course meal that must scare some meat and egg-lovers to death: it’s completely vegan. Dishes include “The Vampire’s Garden” salad with beet and tomato “aspic” dome, red pickles, black mushrooms and greens, a “Broomstick, Moonstick, Wrapped in Gloom Thick” pastry-wrapped yellow squash with mushroom gravy, as well as “A Ghast, A Ghoul, A Grave So Cruel” dark chocolate almond cake.

For what to do in the meantime, check out the events below or take a look at the CHS calendar.

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 16: Perhaps you haven’t heard of Knife Knights yet, but maybe, just maybe, you’ve heard of a band called Shabazz Palaces? 1/2 of the group, Ishmael Butler, teams up with Shabazz Palaces’ engineer Erik Blood under the Knife Knight umbrella. The result is ambitiously and unpredictably experimental music they describe as “soul and shoegaze, hip-hop and lush noise, bass, and bedlam.” For their Earshot Jazz Festival performance, the duo will be joined by KEXP DJ Stas Thee Boss and alto-sax expansionist Darius Jones. Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute, 7.30 PM – 10 PM  Continue reading

Di$trict 3: Amazon pumps over $1M into Seattle elections — What it means for District 3

Sphere of influence (Image: Amazon)

Remember that time when we reported that independent spending from Political Action Committees had soared to unprecedented heights? That was a week ago.

Campaign finance has become even more, um, unprecedented this week with the announcement Tuesday that Amazon is pouring an additional $1.05 million into CASE, the political arm of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, right when ballots are sent to voters this week.

That brings the local corporation’s spending on this year’s local elections to $1.45 million, more than any other union or Political Action Committee.

With $241,257 already spent on his behalf by CASE (mostly on mail and canvassing), D3 candidate Egan Orion is its largest beneficiary.

To give you a sense of the magnitude of this week’s contribution: Amazon’s total contribution to the PAC now adds up to more than the combined $1.27 million City Council candidates opposed by the PAC have raised. That group includes incumbent Kshama Sawant in D3, who has raised the most of any council candidate — $387,730.

“The money CASE has raised is from local companies who care about the future of this city,” Markham McIntyre, executive director of CASE, said in a statement. “The status quo isn’t working: we have a dysfunctional, toxic environment at City Council, and employers, including our city’s largest private employer, want a return to good government.”

The contribution brings CASE’s total spending power for this election up to $2.68 million, of which it has spent $1.3 million.

In a statement, Orion called the influx of PAC money in city politics this year “completely out of scale with the grassroots campaign myself and many others are trying to run and is proving to be a distraction from the real issues.”  Continue reading

Sawant $12M Tiny House Village proposal: Public hearing Thursday night

Rev. Lawrence R. Willis, True Vine of Holiness Missionary Baptist Church at Tuesday’s gathering at True Hope Village (Image: @jonathan4212)

A Kshama Sawant led Seattle City Council committee will hold a public hearing Thursday night on the District 3 representative’s legislation to expand funding for Tiny House Villages and block relocation of existing villages.

The proposal would move $12 million to expand the villages at 20 locations across the city and scuttle plans to remove two existing villages in Georgetown and Northlake. But the legislation faced opposition over possible State Environmental Policy Act appeals before it was even introduced. The Hearing Examiner case to unwind the legal issues is still underway with a hearing scheduled for December — well after the upcoming General Election.

Sawant’s proposal would forge a path for the village expansion by exempting religious organizations from permitting requirements for encampments on property owned or controlled by them. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Seattle’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day filled with blessings and song — and rent

It has been five years since Seattle proclaimed the second Monday in October to be Indigenous Peoples’ Day. And while it hasn’t yet grown to the point where the state’s school kids get the day off, the Columbus Day past once again gave way to a day of blessings, dance, and song through the streets of downtown Seattle and at City Hall — and rent for what many feel is owed.

Some chose the day to announce their decision to compensate the Duwamish and recognize “the Tribe has yet to be justly compensated for their land, resources, and livelihood.” Continue reading

Who shot who? Police aren’t sure but one charged in Baltic Room shootout

Police weren’t sure who shot who but one person who was hit in the last call Saturday shooting outside Capitol Hill nightclub The Baltic Room has been charged with illegal gun possession.

Amrico Flight, 30, was charged last week with first degree unlawful possession of a firearm. Police say the convicted felon was stopped by arriving officers at the Saturday, October 5th shooting as he tried to limp from the scene after suffering multiple gunshot wounds to his left torso, left arm, left leg, and “hip area.” Continue reading

Perfect Copy and Print cleans up old Lather Daddy space for new home after move from Broadway

(Image: Perfect Copy and Print)

Legendarily named Lather Daddy is long gone, Phoenix Comics is happily expanded on Broadway, and longtime neighborhood service provider Perfect Copy and Print has found a new infrastructure-laden home on 12th Ave. Everybody loves a happy ending.

The copy shop is now open in the former laundromat space after a few months-long hunt for a new Capitol Hill home. After nearly 30 years of business on Capitol Hill, owner Asif Alvi was facing yet another move after holding out for years as Broadway was torn up for streetcar, light rail, and development projects. His concerns about finding another space in the neighborhood with the infrastructure required for multiple large copiers and printers were met with opportunity in the former Lather Daddy space. Turns out that washers and dryers also needed a system with plenty of juice. Continue reading