CHS Schemata | The Capitol Hill architectural assembly of Seattle Prep

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor a number of reasons, campuses merit special attention from the fan of architecture, including how — in a concise venue — differing design approaches can be observed. The earliest academic campuses include those of the medieval universities in northern Italy and in England, with Cambridge and Oxford setting the strongest precedents for what has become known as collegiate Gothic. Those of Italian influence (Padua and Bologna for instance) also served as models, but in a Renaissance flavor. These divergent sources from the North Atlantic to the Mediterranean created a menu of architectural styles for institutions that followed; one pick one’s campus style, as it were, to be either pointy (Gothic) or round (Renaissance). A splendid example of the former is found just to the north of Capitol Hill on the University of Washington campus, whose historic core abounds with buildings of the collegiate Gothic flavor.

Like the other primary and secondary school campuses I have written about, Seattle Prep brings an important assembly of building and landscape to Capitol Hill. The school is unique among the three mentioned as it most closely resembles the traditional college campus. It is not associated with one splendid building as is Holy Names nor did it evolve in an organic and engaging manner as did Bertschi School. Seattle Prep is a planned campus of many buildings purposely built over time. Yet, within its planning, each building has it own unique identity and represents the prevailing tastes of its time, making the campus a great microcosm of larger architectural and academic trends. Continue reading

Blotter | Harvard ave gunfire, Cal Anderson mugging

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  • Harvard Ave gunfire: Police were looking for a driver witnesses said opened fire in a Harvard Ave parking lot early Sunday morning. Nobody was hurt in the incident. According to East Precinct radio dispatches, multiple reports of gunshots in the vicinity of Union and Harvard were called in to 911 around 2 AM. One caller said a man in a silver Dodge Avenger was following their vehicle and had a gun. Police found the victims near Melrose and Pine but did not locate the suspect. Police were told the male suspect had fired multiple shots into the ground and air earlier in a parking lot near Harvard and Union during a dispute. There were no reported injuries.
  • Shooting victim found at Swedish Cherry Hill: Earlier Sunday morning, a male victim with gunshot wounds to his face and side arrived at 16th Ave’s Swedish Cherry Hill before being rushed to Harborview. The victim said he has been shot on MLK near Orcas or Holly. There were no further details available.
  • Minor Ave murder: Homicide detectives are investigating the murder of a man shot to death in a gunfight early Saturday morning outside a Minor Ave hookah bar just off Denny across I-5.
  • Cal Anderson mugging: A local business posted details of a Friday overnight mugging near Cal Anderson Park. It’s not clear if the incident was reported to police or Seattle Fire. From 11th Ave’s Vermillion:
    This is disturbing: The artist we are framing tomorrow was jumped/mugged last night on his way home along Cal Anderson park. They took his phone, wallet, glasses and iPad. They knocked him unconscious on the back of the head and he came to a little while later. I was waiting to hear if they had taken the body of work he usually carries around in his backpack but luckily they did not. We are on schedule to get his art framed and hopefully raise some money to replace some of his belongings.
    Vermillion’s owner said the victim was attacked around midnight. We will update when we learn more.
  • Theft suspect suffers broken jaw: The suspect in a theft at the Broadway/Pine Walgreens suffered a fractured jaw during the arrest, according to police radio dispatches. Police were called to the drugstore in the 1500 block of Broadway just before midnight on Friday. During the arrest, the intoxicated suspect suffered injuries requiring treatment from Seattle Fire. According to radio dispatches, the 21-year-old suspect suffered a busted jaw and was arrested for theft and resisting arrest.
  • First Hill harassment: A man was reportedly attacked with bug spray in a possible hate crime on First Hill:
    A man returning home from a doctor’s appointment Tuesday afternoon in First Hill said he had racist and homophobic slurs shouted at him before being hit with an unknown liquid that caused a burning sensation to his nose and mouth, according to the Seattle Police Department.

    According to the police report for the incident, the victim and an acquaintance had just been dropped off by a cab outside the victim’s apartment building in the 1100 block of Minor Avenue around 4:30 p.m. when a car drove up behind them.
  • Louisa Boren fire: Seattle Fire Engine 22 was dispatched to 15th Ave E at E Olin Place early Friday evening after a park tree was set on fire. Firefighters arrived just after 5:30 PM to the report of smoke coming from a tree in Louisa Boren Park. The situation was handled quickly and the fire marshall was not dispatched to investigate. There were no details available on any damage. We’ll see if we can get an update on what caused the fire from SFD.

One year ago this week on Capitol Hill

8446763542_fcd93cb5ba_o-600x312Here are the top CHS posts from this week in 2013:

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Sir Mix-a-Lot pauses (to consider changes) on Broadway

Sir Mix at 2013's Dick's Drive-in anniversary party on Broadway (Image: CHS)

Sir Mix at 2013′s Dick’s Drive-in anniversary party on Broadway (Image: CHS)

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 5.26.23 PMIf you’re going to lament the changes on Capitol Hill, here’s how to do it. With love. And $100.

Here i Sir Mix-a-Lot, via Reddit, on the changing Capitol Hill:

My posse is no longer on Broadway and you’re right. Capital Hill has changed. You had to make sure you had your strap (that’s your gun, for the impaired) and you had to be conscious, you had to put your head on a swivel. And nowadays, you just take 100 bucks, go up on Capital Hill, and you buy one cupcake and a cup of coffee. And you’re broke. That’s my Capital Hill, and I love it, but DAMN those cupcakes cost a lot of money.

(You can blame the Capital typo on OP, by the way. But, still, Mix should know better.)

SPD officer injured, woman in custody after Nagle Place fight

A Seattle Police officer was treated for facial injuries and at least one person was arrested after a fight broke out during a police stop on Nagle Place Saturday afternoon.

Information on the rush of police to the area around Cal Anderson Park is preliminary at this time and hasn’t been confirmed yet by SPD.

According to East Precinct radio, an officer was contacting three people near the park around 3:20 PM. A few minutes later, units coming to the area as part of routine back-up reported that the male SPD officer was fighting with a suspect and had suffered facial lacerations.

During the fight, a “fast back” alert was issued and more officers rushed to the area.

One female was taken into custody and police were looking for a male that left the scene during the melee.

Seattle Fire was called to treat the officer who was alert and conscious at the scene. SFD also responded to nearby East Precinct at 12th and Pine a few minutes later for a female in her 20s complaining of stomach pains.

CHS Crow | Alice, Terrell and Anna — ‘Be safe, have a great night.’

The CHS Crow made it to a few Capitol Hill Art Walk stops on a seasonable second Thursday last week and met a rugby player and medical professional with words for the nightlife crowd who came out to see Kathyrn Lien‘s exhibit at Blindfold Gallery (a venue soon to say farewell), a home-grown hair stylist getting energized by David Robertson paintings at True Love and a physical therapist with thoughts about Capitol Hill development trends checking out Peaces by Lauren jewelry at Vermillion. Mingle mingle! Continue reading

CHS Pics | This week in Capitol Hill pictures

The CHS Flickr Pool contains more than 18,000 19,000 20,000 21,000 22,000 23,000 photographs — most of Capitol Hill images, many glorious, some technically amazing. The pool is a mix of contributions from Capitol Hill — and nearby — shutterbugs. Interested in being part of it? If we like your photo and it helps us tell the story, we may feature it on CHS so please include your name and/or a link to your website so we can properly credit you. Interested in working as a paid CHS contributor for scheduled assignments? Drop us a line – our roster is full for general assignments but pitch us on an idea.

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The Nevertold Casket Company might just be the strangest shop on E Republican

(Images: CHS)

Tiffany (Images: CHS)

Jack Bennett was sitting alone one night, when the name of his shop, the Nevertold Casket Company, popped into his head.

“What you put in a casket is all of the things you never told anybody,” Bennett said.

Nevertold features an eclectic mix of curious and unusual items, from a table made from an elephant’s foot (the elephant has been dead for more than 100 years) to a figurehead from a sort-of-ship to wall-mounted art woven from human hair. If there’s a theme, it’s death.

“Weird is what I like to call it,” Tiffany Bennett said.

Jack and his partner — in business and in life and, we suppose, death — Tiffany opened the store two weeks ago on the ground floor of an apartment building at 1317 E. Republican St.

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East Precinct commander give updates as third weekend of SPD’s Pike/Pine push begins

SPD officers in Cal Anderson

SPD officers in Cal Anderson

Amid concerns amongst the community regarding fears about an uptick in theft, armed robberies, physical and sexual assaults, the Capitol Hill Community Council Thursday night met with representatives from SPD and the mayor’s office in an effort to address the issue.

“We understood,” said East Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis. “We have increased the presence of police out there 10-fold,” he added.

Brian Hawksford, a staffer in Mayor Ed Murray’s office, confirmed for the council attendees that the Monday budget proposal to the City Council will include funding for new SPD officers.

According to Davis, the majority of such incidents have taken place in the Pike/Pine corridor, with groups of individuals preying on unsuspecting bar goers. The rest have been reported in secluded areas of Cal Anderson, where several of the armed stick-ups have occurred. He compared the situation to “baby seals and great white sharks.”

CHS has reported on a few reported street robberies since the emphasis patrols started earlier this month but one purported armed robbery turned out to be a pistol-packed argument between two men over marijuana. Meanwhile, East Precinct has also been dealing with a spate of shooting incidents including this one on E Alder in which a teen ended up in the hospital with bullet wounds.

The short-term strategy for Pike/Pine described by Davis is one of “trying to figure out who’s who,” in regards to identifying those perpetrating the routine robberies and gaining more information on their strategies and whereabouts. Continue reading

Sorting out the drama — and the comedy, cult and action — at On 15th Video

(Image: CHS)

(Image: CHS)

In the week since we learned about the closure of On 15th Videothe last video store on Capitol Hill — CHS still hasn’t learned what led to closing down the more than 25-year-old business but we have learned more about the man who owned the store, his family’s video business history, and, maybe most importantly, the people in the community who loved stopping by to visit a good, old-fashioned video store.

“It’s really been a valued community asset,” Capitol Hill Housing property manager Billie Abers tells CHS. “I’ve reached out to Lyle.”

“It was shorter notice than we normally like.”

Lyle is On 15th’s owner Lyle Holmes. CHS has attempted to contact Holmes about the closure but have not heard back from him so far.

Customers of the shop have also been left in the lurch with rented movies still in their possession and, for some, questions about just-paid membership fees. But, for most, the writing was on the wall.

“Video stores that you walk into really aren’t the best business any more,” Capitol Hill Housing’s Abers tactfully put it. Others might wonder why Holmes didn’t close the store sooner.

Others, meanwhile, are getting together to mourn the loss and visit with the store’s mostly blindsided staff. Here’s an invite passed along to CHS:

Fans of “On 15th Video” have reserved the back room at the Liberty Tavern this Saturday, September 20, from 4:30 to 7:30 to celebrate the community the store created and thank the staff.  If you’re one of the many people who will miss “On 15th Video”, stop in to say hello, say thank you, say goodbye, or just talk about movies.

UPDATE: We’ve heard from one employee who says the Saturday gathering was news to him. Sorry! We should have included information from the organizer who told us he had been able to reach one employee but was reaching out through CHS in hopes of reaching more. You should go. Somebody will buy you a beer! UPDATE x2  9/20/2014 10:53 AM: We just got a message that Saturday’s gathering is canceled.

tumblr_naxfvlOVzE1s7gjzzo1_500According to people familiar with the situation, Holmes acquired On 15th Video from his mother. The family had owned the store since the ’90s and also owned other shops in Seattle. In 1998, their company Director’s Ltd. attempted to purchase Scarecrow Video but the store’s founders tried to scuttle the deal after learning about Holmes’s background. Continue reading