CHS Pics | This week in Capitol Hill pictures

The CHS Flickr Pool contains more than 36,000 photographs — most of Capitol Hill images, many glorious, some technically amazing. The pool is a mix of contributions from Capitol Hill — and nearby — shutterbugs. Interested in being part of it? If we like your photo and it helps us tell the story, we may feature it on CHS so please include your name and/or a link to your website so we can properly credit you. Interested in working as a paid CHS contributor for scheduled assignments? Drop us a line.

We also keep our eyes on the #capitolhillseattle Instagram tag —- you should, too! Below are this week’s best Capitol Hill shots. Thanks for sharing!
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Experts: Capitol Hill mystery soda machine disappearance ‘maybe’ time travel

Or we live in the shittiest timeline.

Experts from Liminal Seattle, trackers of all things weird, wonderful, and paranormal across Capitol Hill and beyond, tell CHS they have been unable to determine exactly what caused the late June disappearance of the mystery soda machine from E John.

“Time Travel is always a possibility (as is sabotage by Timehunters— can’t trust those guys),” Liminal Seattle researcher Jeremy Puma tells CHS. “Portals have also been popping up in random places lately,” Puma reports. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Volunteer Park Picnic and a look at the design for new lily pond fencing

(Images: CHS)

Volunteer Park was an exceedingly pleasant scene Thursday night as family, friends, and lovers gathered for a picnic on the main lawn to enjoy live music and free ice cream under the summer sun. Seattle musician Lydia Ramsey sang with her band as children danced and wrestled on the grass with their parents watching from a distance.

The annual Volunteer Park Picnic included a special appearance this year. Partway through the picnic, a member of the Volunteer Park Trust went onstage to make a few announcements about upcoming projects that build upon a larger effort to renovate and reinvigorate the park alongside major reconstruction and expansion of the Seattle Asian Art Museum.

One of these projects includes replacing the fence surrounding ponds near the front entrance of the museum, which have been taken over by a small flock of local ducks that have adopted them as a home and resting area to escape the summer heat. Continue reading

A John in the Morning cafe? Two first families of Seattle independent music team up for E Pike restaurant project

The future Pike Flats will also be home to a new restaurant project from Seattle music luminaries

It’s a Capitol Hill Block Party-worthy plan. A  project involving two Seattle music super couples will create a new restaurant — but not a new music venue — in the under construction Pike Flats at the corner of Pike and Harvard.

“It’s a project we’ve dreamed about and the stars aligned,” Steven Severin tells CHS. “It’s going to be so dope.”

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Help shape the $400M plan to ‘renovate and redesign’ Kaiser Permanente’s Capitol Hill campus

Volunteers are needed to help oversee the $400 million plan to “renovate and redesign” Kaiser Permanente’s Capitol Hill campus:

Seattle Department of Neighborhoods is seeking interested community members from surrounding neighborhoods to participate on the Kaiser Permanente Standing Advisory Committee (SAC). This committee provides feedback on projects planned and under development by the hospital to ensure it complies with its Master Plan. The Master Plan describes zoning rules, long range planning of the property, and transportation planning.

Community members who have experience in neighborhood organizing and issues, land use and zoning, architecture or landscape architecture, economic development, building development, medical services, or just an interest in their neighborhood’s future are encouraged to apply.

The committee meets in the evenings at the campus four to six times a year. Committee members serve a two-year renewable term. If you are interested in serving on this committee, send a letter of interest by either e-mail or regular mail by Monday, July 30 to:

Maureen Sheehan


After 71 years as an independent provider of care, Group Health and its Capitol Hill campus became part of Kaiser Permanente last year. Acquisition of the cooperative’s medical campus on 15th Ave at John instantly made Kaiser Permanente one of the largest employers on Capitol Hill.

‘A range of disturbing behavior’ — KUOW reports on sexual misconduct and rape accusations against Pike/Pine nightlife owner


Dave Meinert is facing accusations of sexual misconduct as reporter Sydney Brownstone has surfaced details of alleged sexual assault and rape from multiple women against the Pike/Pine nightlife entrepreneur.

The report details encounters between Meinert and five women “alleging a range of disturbing behavior by Meinert” over a fourteen year period between 2001 and 2015.

Brownstone, who left Capitol Hill-based the Stranger earlier this year to join the reporting team at KUOW, writes that the accusations include “two alleged rapes (one that was never reported to authorities, and one that prosecutors declined to charge) to a woman who said she had to physically push Meinert out of her apartment after she declined to have sex with him.”

Meinert, who denies the specific allegations of rape and sexual assault in the story, does not face criminal charges in any of the allegations and there is no record of any legal action currently underway in King County against the 52-year-old.

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Midtown design looks too much like SoLU, not enough like the CD — Can new Central Area Design Review Board help?

Public comment and the East Design Review Board aligned Wednesday night in agreement that the latest designs for the proposed redevelopment of the Central District’s Midtown Center did not meet expectations for recognizing the history and the culture of African Americans and Black Seattle at 23rd and Union.

The “portals” that open to the street from Midtown: Public Plaza are still not open enough to foster a strong connection to the surrounding neighborhood and to support the hoped-for Black-owned businesses inside — the building needs to do more than utilize masonry to recognize African American-style architecture from the neighborhood — the design needs more “Afro-centric” colors and patterns and, as currently designed, looks too “South Lake Union” — features like the open plazas and a proposed video screen installation to showcase local arts and history need to have more fleshed out programming plans — a proposal to keep costs down on the three building development with connecting skywalks and fewer elevators and stairs needs more thought — and more.

They also agreed on something else.

The review board covering neighborhoods like Capitol Hill, Montlake, and First Hill wasn’t necessarily the best body to make the decision.

“How is the Central Area design team not looking at this?,” one speaker asked during the public comment portion of Wednesday’s night’s review, the final stage for the project in the city’s public design process. She also stated the obvious — each member of the design board Wednesday night was white. Continue reading

City Council set to put a little muscle behind 2020 push for downtown bike plan

The City Council is set to put its support behind a plan for a Seattle Center City Bike Network and an 18-month implementation schedule to create “a connected, protected bicycle lane network in downtown Seattle by 2020.”

“With Wednesday’s committee meeting, we’re reaffirming our commitment to establishing a connected, protected bicycle lane network in downtown Seattle,” council member Mike O’Brien said Wednesday at a press conference before his committee meeting introducing the a resolution outlining the new push. Continue reading

More Cal Anderson sports on Block Party weekend: Battle on the Block skate contest

Saturday will be a very sporty day in Cal Anderson Park. The Seattle Cascades of the American Ultimate Disc League are making the park’s Bobby Morris turf their home field Saturday night with hopes of catching some of the buzz of this weekend’s Capitol Hill Block Party.

Through the day, the park’s busy sports courts will also be put to use for some X-Games-worthy action as Pike/Pine skateshop 35th North presents a “Battle on the Block” mini-ramp contest:

Battle on the Block Mini-ramp contest

The day of ramp riding gets started at 11 AM. You’ll need to sign up in advance at E Pike’s 35th North.

While Capitol Hill lacks a proper public skate park, the Cal Anderson courts have provided a smooth space for riders over the years. 35th North, meanwhile, has helped support the local scene in Seattle since 2003.


Blotter | ‘Help the officer’ at Bellevue/Mercer, dumpster fire investigation, I-5 crossing death

See something others should know about? Email CHS or call/txt (206) 399-5959. You can view recent CHS Crime coverage here.

  • Officer assault: A “help the officer” call triggered a huge response from Seattle Police Tuesday afternoon at Bellevue and Mercer. Police were called to the area around 3:20 PM to a report of a man suffering a mental or drug crisis walking in circles in the street. After being contacted by an officer, the man reportedly began struggling and a “help the officer” call was issued sending units from across the area speeding for the scene. During the incident, the man reportedly assaulted an officer but was taken into custody. Seattle Fire was called to the scene to assist with the possible “excited delirium” situation and to sedate the man. He was taken to Harborview.
  • Dumpster fire investigation: Seattle Police were called to assist Seattle Fire at a rubbish fire on First Hill as a string of similar fires were reported across the city within a 90 minute period Tuesday morning. Authorities are looking into the string of dumpster fires as possible arson. Tuesday’s fire scene on First Hill was reported just before 8 AM outside a daycare on 9th Ave. Continue reading