CHS Pics | ‘Thank you for choosing Seattle’ — Eritreans mark independence in annual Capitol Hill celebration

Many of the approximately 39,000 East Africans who call Seattle home were in Volunteer Park Sunday to celebrate Eritrean Independence Day.

On May 24, 1991, “Eritrean People’s Liberation Front forces moved into the capital Asmara, reinstating independence, following a 30-year-long battle against the Ethiopian military regime,” Wikipedia sums it up in what seems to be a massive simplification. Continue reading

Broadway Shoe Repair cobbler Mitch Caddy remembered

Customers and friends at Broadway Shoe Repair are remembering cobbler Mitch Caddy.

A sign posted at the busy shop inside the Broadway Market shopping center announced Caddy’s passing. The West Seattle resident was 61.

Caddy worked with soles — and more than a few heels — on Broadway for 24 years. According to his obituary, he was a musician whose band once opened for Tower of Power and Merilee Rush. “He was a Cobbler who could fix ANYTHING leather,” the tribute notes. CHS can attest — our ball glove got a strap repair courtesy Caddy nearly 10 years ago. It’s held up just fine even if the cobbler didn’t quite match the leathers.

According to the sign posted at the shop, there will be no repairs on Thursday, May 28th so staff can attend services for Caddy. “He loved his Capitol Hill family and we sure do miss his kind and gentle spirit,” the sign posted at Broadway Shoe Repair reads.



Thanks to Stacy for letting CHS know.

Capitol Hill Community Council | Reclaiming Power (and creating a Pike/Pine pedestrian zone)

Zachary Pullin, Vice President of the Capitol Hill Community Council, contributes to CHS about community civics and politics on a monthly basis.

Each week, my partner and I have my sister over for dinner. Before she leaves for the drive home, I remind her to be safe, walk with awareness, and text me immediately when she’s home. She’s a smart woman and I have faith she’d fight against violence. So, I was shocked at my becoming numb that foggy, winter morning when someone stole my power.

I did not plan to tell anyone about the sexual assault he inflicted on me three months ago. I self-prescribed a daily treatment of denial and suppression nurtured by a tenacious abundance of sadness, shame, and frustration. Violence and oppression separate us from our self, our bodies, and our communities.

I became a refugee from my own body.

Just three weeks after the assault, a mentor asked me if I sought power, if people like me should want power. I shuddered because, to me, power had become a swear word.  “Power” – much like the words “God,” “Love,” and “Progressive” — needs a reset to eliminate disparate, often conflicting, definitions that arise from deeply held beliefs about their meanings.

The Capitol Hill Community Council’s own history provides examples of power being used to actively lobby against a gay community center in the 1970s to prevent “perverts” and people of that “lifestyle” from ruining the neighborhood, or earlier neighborhood group iterations as active proponents of redlining. Negative illustrations and exercises of power in government, business, and social settings certainly repel me as it does so many progressive Seattleites. Continue reading

SPD makes arrest after victims jumped, robbed in Broadway/Pike parking lot

An 18-year-old was taken into custody early Sunday morning in another last-call street robbery in Pike/Pine.

According to police, a group of male suspects jumped the victims in the parking lot above the Harvard Market QFC just before 2 AM. A victim told police he was punched in the face and had his wallet stolen by a group of five to six males. CHS does not have description information for the suspects though one was reportedly wearing a white Seahawks jersey and had long hair.

As police fanned out in the area, a group was contacted on Harvard between Pike and Pine, according to East Precinct radio. The suspect was identified and taken into custody. He is jailed for investigation of robbery.

The victims were treated for their injuries by Seattle Fire. The victim’s wallet was not recovered.

During the search for the suspects, police received reports of a single gunshot heard by several witnesses on the north end of Cal Anderson Park. No damage was reported and police did not find a disturbance in the area.

Sunday’s arrest follows a small burst of street robbery activity this week on Capitol Hill including an incident early Saturday morning near Summit and Howell in which the suspect opened fire, hitting a victim who was trying to get his phone back after being robbed and, police say, also striking one of his accomplices.

Responding to concerns from area businesses, SPD has rolled out Pike/Pine emphasis patrols on Friday and Saturday nights to help deal with the swell of people who come to take part in the neighborhood’s booming nightlife scene.

Here is the preliminary report from SPD on Sunday morning’s arrest:

Officers arrested a suspect in a strong-arm robbery on Capitol Hill early Sunday morning.

Police were alerted to the robbery that happened in a parking lot near Broadway and Pike St shortly before 2 AM. The roughed up victims told officers several men began accosting them trying to demand their wallets. When the victims balked, the attackers summoned help and an additional group of suspects joined the fray punching the victims and eventually stealing a wallet from one of them.

With patrol officers and nightlife emphasis foot-beat officers in the area gang detectives quickly located a possible suspect seen running from the direction of the crime. The detectives arrested the 18-year-old man after a victim confirmed him as a participant in the robbery. Officers later booked him into King County Jail on investigation of robbery.

CHS Community Post | Vivace’s David Schomer on coffee art — and affordability

Vivace founder David Schomer sent this essay to CHS. It’s a meditation on the art of coffee — with a twist.

Macchiato for You?
By David Schomer

When you order I am listening, intently. Is this a time for friendly banter or a little peace and quiet for you?…after all maybe you have not had coffee yet. Is there a special request like not too hot or no foam? And no one wants to be chatted up before coffee so I am very attuned to your mood. For macchiato I grab a small porcelain cup and fill 1/3 with hot water.

Next I am turning on the grinder and getting a look at the consistency of the grind, is it cakey? Do I have a little cling going on? The grinder goes for about 11 seconds to produce 20g of fresh powder, and during that time I grab the .33 L pitcher and put about 100ml of fresh milk into it.

I grab the porta-filter from the machine and give the coffee basket a quick wipe with a cotton rag on the way to the grinder, dose the coffee into it, and distribute the lumps and channels out of the fluff before packing firmly. The texture of the ground coffee is a sticky powder with subtle lumps and channels in it. To get a good shot it is quickly massaged and measured. Then I pack it with 30 pounds pressure and a nice flourish of the tamper. Pack, tap, pack…

Continue reading

This week in CHS history | First Hill parking lot murder, new Block Party owner, ‘stern lecture’ foils robbery

27_agular_howell-1024x602-400x235Here are the top stories from this week in the CHS archives:

Police: Victim and suspect hit after wild gunfire in Summit/Howell cell phone robbery

Seattle Police are investigating a shooting on Capitol Hill that sent a cell phone robbery victim to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries just after 2:30 AM near Summit and Howell in a violent incident that apparently also included one of the robbery suspects getting shot in the foot.

Police say the shooting began after the robbery as the victim and a person with him began following the suspects demanding the phone back. Police say the suspect pulled out a gun and began shooting, hitting the victim in the leg and apparently striking another suspect in the foot. Police say the suspect also struck a nearby apartment building with the gunfire.

Here’s the preliminary report from SPD:

Detectives are investigating after an armed robber shot the victim and his partner in crime during a Capitol Hill robbery early Saturday morning.

911 dispatchers began receiving calls reporting a shooting near Summit Ave and Howell St around 2:30 AM. Officers arrived and found a man who had been shot in the lower leg following a street robbery. A witness and the victim began recounting the events to officers as medics were treating the victim’s non-life threatening gunshot wound.

The victim told officers he was walking on Capitol Hill when he was approached by a group of men who robbed him of his cell-phone. A witness and the victim began to follow after the robbery suspects demanding the cell-phone back. At Summit Ave and Howell St one of the suspects produced a handgun and began shooting in an apparent effort to stop the victim and witnesses pursuit.

Later, while officers were interviewing the victim at Harborview Medical Center, one of the suspects hobbled in having been shot in the foot during the incident. Police later learned that a building was also struck by gunfire around the time of the incident after a 911 caller reported a bullet had gone through a window of their second-floor Bellevue Ave apartment.

Robbery detectives are responding to the hospital and will be interviewing the suspect and working to identify the other suspects.

Police were searching for three suspects reported by witnesses as three black males in their 20s, two wearing black hoodies and the third in a red hoodie. The suspect in the red hoodie was reported as the shooter in the incident. The suspects were last seen heading eastbound on Howell from the scene. One witness reported seeing a person limping away in the same direction.

The shooting just before 2:30 AM Saturday follows an armed robbery reported early Wednesday morning near Cal Anderson Park. In that incident, police took five suspects into custody — two of the suspects were 13-year-olds, the others aged 14, 16, and 17.

CHS Pics | This week in Capitol Hill pictures

(paradeimage via Flickr)

(paradeimage via Flickr)

The CHS Flickr Pool contains more than 26,000 photographs -— most of Capitol Hill images, many glorious, some technically amazing. The pool is a mix of contributions from Capitol Hill — and nearby — shutterbugs. Interested in being part of it? If we like your photo and it helps us tell the story, we may feature it on CHS so please include your name and/or a link to your website so we can properly credit you. Interested in working as a paid CHS contributor for scheduled assignments? Drop us a line –- our roster is full for general assignments but pitch us on an idea. Continue reading

CHS Pics | Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling doc screens at SIFF 2015, more Hill highlights to come

IMG_5949Some of the best Capitol Hill moments of SIFF 2015 are still to come. Thursday, CHS found the veterans of Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling out to celebrate the one-night screening of Bodyslam: Revenge of the Banana:

For six years, the stars of Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling thrilled crowds as they parodied professional wrestling with their boozy blend of burlesque and athleticism. But when a newcomer felt slighted by the tight-knit cabaret performers, he tried to take them down, forcing them into an all-too-real fight for their future.

The film isn’t slated to screen again during SIFF but you can learn more about the production at Meanwhile, here are some of the upcoming on-Hill highlights slated for SIFF screenings at the Egyptian — and the Harvard Exit’s last run as a cinema:

HageresebMeanwhile, a package of films capturing life in Yesler Terrace and the issues related to the neighborhood’s redevelopment will be featured at SIFF this weekend in screenings at the Harvard Exit:

Faces of Yesler Terrace
Yesler Terrace is highly controversial in the changing landscape of the city of Seattle. These films capture the people and stories from the past and present of Yesler Hill’s public housing development.


More transit prep on Broadway: If you spot ‘smoke,’ don’t worry — Capitol Hill Station airflow test


A cutaway view from the north of Capitol Hill Station's main entrance at Broadway and John (Image: Sound Transit)

A cutaway view from the north of Capitol Hill Station’s main entrance at Broadway and John (Image: Sound Transit)

If you see smoke Friday night coming from the under construction Capitol Hill Station, you can probably relax. Sound Transit says contractors will be conducting tests of the station’s “airflow”

Friday, May 22, from 4:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. Sound Transit’s contractors at both the Capitol Hill and University of Washington Stations will perform airflow tests in the University Link tunnels. Nearby residents and passersby may notice artificial smoke (a dense vapor produced by a fog machine) exiting vent shafts at the station sites. Additional airflow tests will also be performed on May 30-31 and June 6-7 during daytime hours.

If this were an actual emergency, never fear — Capitol Hill’s Fire Station 25 is home to Seattle’s only special tunnel firefighting machine.

(Image: CHS)

(Image: CHS)

The work is part of preparations through the rest of 2015 to open Capitol Hill Station and the U-Link light rail extension connecting downtown to Montlake by way of Broadway.

You can get a sneak peek here of the UW station and a look here at what it’s like inside the 3.1 mile tunnels. Riders will descend around 90 feet via escalators and elevators to reach the Capitol Hill Station platform, according to Sound Transit diagrams. In addition to the main entrance near Broadway and John, the station will also be accessed by an entrance near Denny on the west side of Broadway and a third entrance on the south end of the site. By 2030, about 14,000 Capitol Hill riders are expected to board the light rail trains each day.

Above ground, the process to develop the sites around the Broadway light rail site with a mix of affordable and market-rate apartments, a community plaza, and commercial space — including a home being planned for a new grocery store – is underway and planners are adjusting bus routes in anticipation of the new transit service coming online. Meanwhile, the surface level streetcar has begun testing on Broadway with hopes of opening the service to riders later this summer.

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