Blotter | 17th Ave mugging reported, 12th Ave short-term rental party goes bad

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  • 17th Ave mugging: A woman told police she was jumped by a group of teens, punched in the face, and robbed while walking on 17th Ave from Trader Joe’s last Tuesday night. According to the SPD report on the late night incident, the victim said she heard a vehicle pull up behind her and was then suddenly punched by two males who demanded her phone, wrestled her to the ground, and continued the assault. The victim told police she was able to hold onto her phone but the assailants made off with her wallet. The phone was also damaged during the attack. The victim told police the attackers appeared to be two teenage males wearing black clothing and that the vehicle appeared to be a gray or white SUV but she could not provide more details. The victim suffered a cut lip in the attack but declined medical attention. Continue reading

Mayor continues neighborhood focus with Saturday town hall on Capitol Hill

One of Mayor Jenny Durkan’s campaign promises was to be more responsive to Seattle’s neighborhoods. Saturday, the mayor will come to 19th Ave E for a community meeting that promises “to bring City Hall to Capitol Hill.”

Saturday afternoon’s Durkan town hall will feature the mayor sharing “her vision of how our communities can work together to create a more affordable, vibrant, and inclusive Seattle.”

Mayor Jenny Durkan Town Hall

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Añejo brings traditional flavors — and plenty of tequila — to Broadway

As work continues on the new north Broadway home for the Seattle Consulate of Mexico, an excellent place for the coming diplomats to have lunch and entertain dignitaries is now open just down the street.

Añejo Restaurant and Tequila Bar opened Monday at 11 AM sharp on Broadway in the large space formerly home to Dilettante. Owner Edgar Pelayo says he hopes his customers taste the effort behind Añejo.

“We don’t like to throw some fancy ingredients on top of a tortilla and call it a day,” the veteran restaurateur said. “It may look good, but in our opinion it’s not worthy.” Continue reading

Metro #metoo: County calls on riders to report sexual misconduct

Metro has started a new campaign it hopes will help reduce incidents of lewd comments on its buses and increase reporting of sexual misconduct.

The “Report it to Stop It” campaign focuses on encouraging riders to report the problem: Metro is calling on riders to report misconduct by:

  • Telling their Metro bus driver at the time of the incident,
  • Calling the King County Sheriff’s Office/Metro Transit Police 206-296-3311,
  • Calling 911.

The push to encourage reporting comes amid a huge increase in reported incidents, according to officials. “Since the #MeToo movement gained widespread attention in October 2017, calls to KCSARC’s Resource Line have increased by more than 50% compared to the previous year,” Metro says.
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Capitol Hill Pets | Joni — the photographer’s dog — on 12th Ave

CHS caught up with Jess (human) and little Joni Mitchell (canine) on 12th Ave. Joni, a terrier mix, was fresh from a springtime grooming at Rex. Joni is a 9-year-old Texas transplant, coming along with Jess in 2010. Getting on in years, Joni’s high jumps and land speed records are lower and slower, but she has the uncanny ability to make people want to pet her, and she loves it. Currently living on Beacon Hill, Joni’s trips to Capitol Hill are a treat, literally. Joni is also my dog, the Corvette behind Joni, though, is not.

We ask photographer Alex Garland to follow marchers in the rain and do crazy things like trying to make yet another picture of yet another huge apartment building look interesting. We thought we’d ask him to do something a little more fun. Capitol Hill Pets is a semi-regular look at our furry, fuzzy, feathered, and finned friends found out and about on Capitol Hill.

Moving day in Madison Park at the Russian Consular Residence

It was moving day at Seattle’s Russian Consular Residence where diplomats, workers, and their families spent the morning packing belongings, gear, and equipment into a small convoy of trucks waiting in the alley. Meanwhile, the Russian flag still flew above the historic Hyde mansion.

The personal scenes of moving out played out under the swirl of geopolitical intrigue that  has touched down here at E Madison and 38th Ave E. In March, CHS reported on the Trump administration’s expulsion of Russian diplomats in response to an alleged Kremlin-backed nerve agent attack on a former spy in the United Kingdom. As part of the diplomatic crackdown, the White House also ordered the closure of Russia’s Seattle consulate in Seattle’s downtown One Union Square over spying concerns. Continue reading

Sunny days for Capitol Hill solar with plans for Miller ‘microgrid,’ five years of Bullitt Center

Happy 5th birthday, Bullitt Center

Sunday — Earth Day 2018 — Capitol Hill’s Bullitt Center at 15th and Madison celebrated five years at “the greenest office building” in the world. At this point, Earth Day is probably the kind of thing we should think about all year round. A new project at Capitol Hill’s Miller Community Center is set to make the Seattle Parks facility part of an important test case for the city with plans for a $3.3 million solar microgrid to be installed in early 2019.

“Seattle is a leader in climate change, and with this project, we are adding sustainable, emission-free energy to the community,” Mayor Jenny Durkan said in the announcement of the project to be funded through City Light investing $1.8 million and a $1.5 million state Clean Energy Fund matching grant from the Washington Department of Commerce. “Protecting our environment and lowering operating costs of our facilities makes good economic sense and is an important step as we move towards becoming a green economy.”

The $3.3 million “demonstration project” microgrid is expected to reduce the amount of electricity Seattle Parks buys from Seattle City Light, while saving about $4,000 annually, and about $70,000 over the 14-year life of the project, the city says. Continue reading

32 Capitol Hill and CD restaurants where you can be Dining Out for Life

Fogon has been a big giver over the years and again is handing over 50% of proceeds to Lifelong this Thursday (Image: Lifelong)

Thursday brings the 25th year of the annual day of gustatory goodwill now known as Dining Out for Life. A roster of the 32 restaurants and cafes participating across Capitol Hill and the Central District to raise funds for Capitol Hill-headquartered Lifelong is below. Continue reading

The Royvue is not ‘saved’ but group says developer drops microhousing plans

A swell of Capitol Hill community support for the 94-year-old building, organized neighbors, and some local media coverage has apparently inspired the developers behind a plan to convert the Royvue apartment building into microhousing to back off.

The tenant-led Save the Royvue group announced the change in plans for the 34-unit apartment building in an email to supporters Monday night.

“What once seemed like an almost finalized deal between the parties involved is no more,” the group writes. “Most purchases like this are hatched under the radar and the public finds out when it’s too late. Instead, you knew a deal was brewing with a very small window of opportunity to react. They were caught completely off-guard by the community’s persistence and prompt organized response.”

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CHS Pics | A Pike/Pine Record Store Day line

Somehow, someway, Record Store Day still means something on Capitol Hill. With so much brick and mortar retail fading away and streaming music services dominating the industry, it has got to be at least a little surprising to see record stores — shops that sell physical, hard format musical recordings — still spinning in 2018.

The stores clearly have their fans and RSD 2018 brought them out for the special pressings and treats that go along with the annual celebration of vinyl. Here is the line we found waiting outside 10th Ave’s Everyday Music Saturday morning. Continue reading