Sushi and Liberty on 15th Ave

We’re going to have even more options for booze and chow on 15th Ave. Check out this job posting on Craigslist.

Sushi Chefs Needed on Capitol Hill
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Date: 2006-02-02, 9:30AM PST

Hello there.

Do you have experience in making sushi and would like to stop by Liberty on 15th to discuss the positions that we have open? Liberty will be a comfortable neighborhood bar on 15th that will also be serving sushi.

We’ve seen the buzz of construction activity and wondered what was incoming. Looks like the sushi thing won’t be news to the in-the-know people on this site — but it’s (good!) news to us. From the sound of this post, they’re not quite open yet but things are already happenin’.

No word if the Canterbury will counter with their own sushi offering but one can only hope.


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4 thoughts on “Sushi and Liberty on 15th Ave

  1. You would actually eat sushi at the Canterbury? That place is the dirtiest, nastiest, most rotten shithole north of Boeing Field.

  2. Anonymous (come on and make up a funny nickname or something!), let me put it this way… after a few 7-and-7s a girl has got to eat. We’ve had grilled cheese there so why not sushi. BTW, the Canterbury is not the dirtiest, nastiest shithole north of Boeing Field. That is The Turf downtown. Keep it real.

  3. Bre, please, no being ‘psyched.’ Lots of pressure. Just be mildly excited. We like your style and plan to make some monkey finger puppets soon.

    Remember, everybody, as Bre says, safety is #1 when working with giant stones. Check him out at