Day 1 wrap-up: 1 vote margin

Our kick-off battle came down to one vote. Congrats Victrola — your cool still rules. Though I’m posting this from the Montlake Fuel, I am not bitter. The people have spoken. BTW, you can track the ongoing Tourney here.

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3 thoughts on “Day 1 wrap-up: 1 vote margin

  1. Seriously? Victrola? Victrola is horrible! If I wanted my barista to treat me like a dickhead every time I ordered a drink, I would’ve voted for Victrola. As it is, I don’t enjoy being treated like shit so I voted for Fuel.

    Get with the program, folks. Victrola is over.

  2. Consider the possibility that you ARE a dickhead.

    Fuel is a bit sterile for my taste. I like coffehouses that have lots of dark wood and old stuff in them. Not gleaming chrome, etc. Nothing against the peeps at Fuel – they’re cool and their drinks are fine.

    Victrola’s only downside is that they’re slooooooooow.