The Trader Joe ferret is safe

At last. You can all sleep easier tonight. Closure on the Trader Joe ferret issue.

We received this mail from the ferret finder:
Thanks for the suggestions and for posting it on your blog. We actually took the ferret to the place up north that someone mentioned in the comments (and we had multiple other recommendations for), The Best Little Ferret, Rabbit, and Rodent House — or some such name. I called Animal Control and left a “found” listing, as well as posted it on Craigslist and multiple neighborhood list-serves. The ferret didn’t have a microchip, but I hope he finds his owner or another happy family soon. Thanks for your help and concern!


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One thought on “The Trader Joe ferret is safe

  1. Ferret update! From a volunteer at the shelter: “I just went to the shelter to pick up some food and I visited with the guy you found. His name is Burt, and
    he’s getting along well with the other ferrets. A guy that young, handsome and friendly usually spends a couple months at the shelter before he gets adopted….”
    And of course he’s made it into the pulp rags too:
    Go Burt! (Hey, this blog has usurped my initials; I had them first.)