11 years ago in Volunteer Park

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Here is some more nostalgia for you from the old days. Volunteer Park, 1996.

Seattle must be really proud this year because we’re having two pride parades. CHS is not going to pick a side but we do agree that it’s not a good thing to have two parades. If nothing else, it damages unity. People who really, really care will have to march 2x this year. That’s a lot of marching.

For now, Pride returns to its Capitol Hill roots. We asked Robin Evans from TTCA.org if he had any photos of Volunteer Park from the parade’s “old” days. Apparently not easily offended, Robin sent us a few he dug up and uploaded to Flickr. Thanks Robin.


One thought on “11 years ago in Volunteer Park

  1. Hey, I’m so old that it doesn’t even occur to me to be offended when that’s pointed out to me. Now, then… If I’d been asked to upload one of my pictures from the Occidental Park rally in 1981 that might have been a different story.