All we want for Xmas

Dear Santa,
We’ve been a very good neighborhood this year.

For the most part, there wasn’t a lot of crime and we mostly tried to keep things clean. Sure, there were a few incidents of vandalism/street art here and there. But we knew that you were watching to see if we were being naughty or nice. So we were mostly nice.

Here is what this very good neighborhood would like for Christmas:

  • Several crosswalks
  • A re-supply of orange flags while you work on that crosswalk thing
  • A traffic circle and speed bumps every 10 feet on Aloha
  • A kid-proof railing at the Hop Vine
  • Rebuild of the old Chocolate City place
  • Generous, high-paying sponsors for our amazing neighborhood blog
  • A neighborhood crime blog
  • A balloon store oops! already got that!
  • More organic produce at QFC
  • A hobby/pet/ice cream/clothes store on 15th Ave E
  • A place to buy a gallon of (non-steamed) milk on 19th
  • A pony
  • A monkey
  • World peace

Thanks and Happy Hanukkah,
Capitol Hill Seattle

4 thoughts on “All we want for Xmas

  1. No kidding about the speed bumps. Or they could rename it “Aloha Speedway” intead of just “Street.” Gets the spirit of the experience across better.