A map to please all the people all the time

Based on the lively discussion here is my final attempt at a remapping of the neighborhoods. As J said, it’s meant to be an organizing scheme not a statement of absolute Truth. Check out the image here or on Google maps. If other want to create a version I think you can click “Save to my maps” and then start editing your own version.

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7 thoughts on “A map to please all the people all the time

  1. Thanks jonglix. Now to figure out how to shuffle the categories on the site. So many chores for a neighborhood blogger!

  2. once this is finished, how about making the map part of the map bigger? Hilltop could really use a catchier name, but I don’t know what it is.

  3. you really should consider keeping your neighborhood names/divisions contained within the actual Capitol Hill neighborhood (North of Madison). Personally, I’m all for being included in both neighborhoods but honestly it just doesn’t make any sense. no?

  4. As a long-time hill resident, the final map makes me happy! The new boundaries make sense to me. I’ve lived in Broadway, the far north of St Marks, and both inside of and south of Radio Point. I own a business at the boundary of Hilltop and Pike/Pine Corridor. Thanks for brokering all the opinions!

  5. Thanks for the map jonglix. I’m getting ready to move to CHS, and it’s nice to know what sub-‘hood I’d be claiming in advance. I-5 Shores it is!