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Caphilljed, the MSM is calling

Neighbor Elisa writes:

We saw caphilljed’s blog about the Google Street View car and were
interested in doing a story.

Can you ask him if he (assuming caphilljed is a “he”) would be willing
to do an interview and let us use his photos? We’d be happy to credit
the blog…

Elisa Hahn
KING 5 News

Caphiljed, between this and Valleywag, you’re famous. I’ll hook you up with Elisa’s digits. Remember the little people, k?


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One thought on “Caphilljed, the MSM is calling

  1. me and two coworkers saw that car in the udistrict today. we waited until it was right next to us and then we all gave it the bird, hoping for internet immortality.