Goodbye Piroshky on Broadway?

Slowly but surely all of the businesses have been moving out of the blocks that are soon to become a big sandbox for Sound Transit. Twice Sold Tales and Everyday Music are both in amazing new locations and it seems like we can lose a block or two of the most important stretches of Broadway and not be too affected. But wait! Is that Piroshky on Broadway I still see running? What swanky new location am I going to be able to get my amazing Piroshky or Borscht? Where am I going to get chastised for not finishing all of said Borscht? Apparently nowhere. The word on the street is that they will not be moving. The owners of the restaurant also run a place in Swedish Hospital, so one could hypothetically trudge down there to get your fix, but no longer will one be able to jaunt to Piroshky on Broadway for a Bavarian Sausage or a Rice, Mushroom, and Cheese. And I for one, am sad. When this place closes, I will weep for it.

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7 thoughts on “Goodbye Piroshky on Broadway?

  1. I have some fond memories at Piroshky, as well; hopefully it will find somewhere new to roost, but if not, it will be mourned!

  2. The owner told me a week or so ago that she was working on a place downtown near the courthouse. But the papers hadn’t been signed yet, so my info may be out of date.

  3. A couple of weeks ago an employee told me they would be open through June (demolition is sometime in July) and that they are moving downtown near Yesler (yeah, near the courthouse)…gross.

  4. Writing about it made me crave it, so I stopped in today, and confirmed the move downtown, and got a close date for the Broadway one of July 15th.

  5. I’m new to the site so forgive my ignorance. All the restaurants moving and closing of late reminded me. Does anyone know what happened to the Healthy Hedon next to Half Price Books? They were some kind of awesome, the kind of awesome that made me love oatmeal.

  6. I was just looking up the phone number online and found this discussion. What a total disappointment. Any updates on whether or not they have in fact relocated???