It takes a long time to build a 19th Ave sidewalk

IMGP0485Turns out, it takes forever to replace a sidewalk. This construction on the west side of 19th near Mercer has dragged on for a few weeks now. Sign says they’re doing the east side of the street next. Perhaps next time they should do both sides simultaneously and make it a race.

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4 thoughts on “It takes a long time to build a 19th Ave sidewalk

  1. Given that we’ve just seen a development plan for the property around Monsoon, does it really make sense to fix the sidewalk next to it NOW? Most big developments seem to involve enough heavy equipment that the sidewalk inevitably gets trashed!

  2. That’s because the city labor rules limit workers to only completing 6 square inches of sidewalk per day (just kidding – I wish).

    I watched the sidewalk repair on the northeast corner of Roy and Broadway (just across from the gas station near the Anhalt Apts) take 6 weeks or more to repair what amounted to a 3 foot by 4 section of sidewalk, and of course the section was exactly the corner piece and for 6 weeks people had to step out into a lane of traffic to make it around the corner.

    Maybe we should ask the city to start some Sidewalk Rangers, since it seems that after 50 years Seattle now has the ability to repair potholes within 48 hours, why not sidewalks?

  3. They don’t actually “fix” potholes, they just fill them with a quick-set asphalt. If you notice some streets such as 14th Ave, you can see where numerous potholes over the years have reopened, most even wider than before.