Capitol Hill… is Hilly!

But just how hilly? I still haven’t found a good website to tell me how steep any individual street is, or even a good topological map of downtown + Capitol Hill. (I need to know this stuff because I’m starting to bike to work… ooooof!)

But here’s something I’ve found that is handy:! You can browse around to see other people’s bike routes, make your own, and most importantly, check the elevation changes on a route! Google maps has this info, but you need API fanciness to extract it; Bikely exposes this for us.

To see it in action, take a look at my Cap Hill –> P-I building route, or the reverse. Once it’s up, click “Show”, then “Elevation Profile”.

One more fun link: Seattle DOT has a map of the 20 steepest streets in the area. If anyone can suggest a good browsable topo map of the area, please chime in!


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2 thoughts on “Capitol Hill… is Hilly!

  1. very interesting stuff on the Seattle DOT site, and good resource links for lazy-ass…er, I mean hyper-efficient…bikers like me.