The Toobs return to Volunteer Park

Toobs 2
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If it’s near 90 degrees with bright blue skies and the occasional gentle, waving breeze, it must be time for the Toobs to return to Volunteer Park.

Seattle Twist says Susan Robb’s solar installation will start around 11a and continue through the day. You’ll find it on the grassy field near the conservatory.

It’s a simple, beautiful design that is equal parts science experiment and art installation. Don’t know if Robb has any twists planned for this year but small changes in conditions make the show different from minute to minute. Favorite scene from last year was watching a large cluster of cloud block the sun and set the solar-driven Toobs at rest for 20 seconds. The cloud passed and the Toobs began to stir, popping up one at a time as the sun’s warmth re-heated them.

Also liked watching people gently wander through the installation — remember, though, to do your best not to touch the Toobs. Oils and dirt make them sleepy. There was a bit of stress around this last year so might be best to get close but not too close.

You can see more pictures from last year’s display here or check out this Toobs video:

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3 thoughts on “The Toobs return to Volunteer Park

  1. Ice sculptures in the shape of SUVs as refuges for polar bears
    (I couldn’t make that idea up, but Susan Robb could, and did)