Poppy opening soon in Broadway’s

Poppy opens the weekend after next, Sept. 13. Get all excited and stuff with this Poppy preview in the always glossy Seattle Magazine.

Traunfeld, compact and graceful, wears his brown hair closely cropped. His clothing, too, is trimly cut and rather hipper than one might guess given his former place of employment, which is known for a certain abundance of chintz. He is always gracious when he talks about The Herbfarm, but he makes it clear that he is happy to redefine himself with Poppy. “I never considered myself an Eastside guy. It was nice to have a farm and a garden, but I’ve always lived in the city and hung out in the city.” With Poppy, he is trading deepest suburbia for scruffy metropolis, French country décor for organic modernism, and no-holds-barred food and wine budgets for dinners that tally out at a relatively modest $30 per person. “‘There will be no foie gras ever, I don’t think,” says Traunfeld of the luxe duck liver that was once a regular staple of his cooking.

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5 thoughts on “Poppy opening soon in Broadway’s

  1. “There will be no foie gras ever, I don’t think”

    Wow, how progressive. This will fit right in at a Quantum Homes development in Issaquah.

    Wait, this is coming to Broadway?

  2. This is how I like to eat anyway — little tidbits of things. And $30 for a well-thought-through platter isn’t that bad. If it’s truly good food, $30 could be a downright bargain!