Want Hill community organization? Give it a place

Tonight, the newly revived Capitol Hill Community Council will meet in the rather-nice-for-events and mostly-ok-for-meetings Cal Anderson Shelter House. The $50 in staffing fees the council will pay will burn about 3% of remaining funds. That’s the cost of doing bidness.

But here’s the issue: the heart of Capitol Hill, the first or second (depending on who’s counting) densest neighborhood in the city, doesn’t have a dedicated community meeting facility. The best options are the Capitol Hill library meeting rooms, which are only available until 8p, and the classrooms of Seattle Central, which are only available when school is in session and aren’t necessarily the best environment for a public meeting. Beggars, though, can’t be choosers.

There are community “centers” around the edges of Capitol Hill like Miller and Yesler. After those options, the choices range from the private sector — the former CHAC, the Olive Way Starbucks — to churches. But the true center of activity in the area is missing this key ingredient for community organizing and progress.

So, tonight, when SCCC is not yet in fall session and with a desire to have a meeting time that working people can actually attend, the council turns to Cal Anderson’s shelter house with a management and pricing structure optimized for weddings. There will be no cake, likely, tonight, btw, and no DJ.

The city is giving the council a break on some of the typical fees the facility requires. But what about next month? Back to SCCC, likely. Another meeting sitting at writing desks.

There is a problem to solve here. With the massive changes coming from light rail construction and more, we should remember to create something for the community.

In the meantime, please come out tonight at help justify the council’s 50 bucks.

CHCC Public Meeting — September
WHEN: Thursday, September 18, from 7pm-9pm
WHERE: Cal Anderson Shelter House (updated location!)
AGENDA: Light Rail walking tour (details below), Pike/Pine parking, more

Light Rail Construction Walking Tour — 6pThursday 9/18
Join Sound Transit representatives for a walking tour of the Capitol Hill station construction area. Meet in the northwest corner of Cal Anderson park at 6p.


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7 thoughts on “Want Hill community organization? Give it a place

  1. Any chance that the local theaters (Central Cin, Egyptian, Harvard) allow for meetings during slow times, off hours?

    Not a permanent solution, obviously, but just offering it up as a possible option…

  2. The other option would be performance venues like Annex, Theater Schmeater, or Balagan – assuming 99 seats would be sufficient, and they don’t already have other programming scheduled.

  3. you guys should just meet in the volunteer park open theatre. That sounds like a good idea until we’re in the middle of the 6 months rainy season. D’oh. How about the russian events center? They can’t be using that place all the time right? Heh, you should ask a real estate office. I’m sure they’d be open to people actually walking through their doors.

  4. Ugh, I meant NW Film Forum on 12th…(nothing against Central Cinema but it isn’t, ironically, as centrally located to CH as NWFF).

  5. You should see if Seattle U will let you use one of their rooms. I think I remember hearing that other community groups sometimes use a meeting room in the library.

    Plus it is conveniently located near Presse for after-meeting drinks.