Another accident: This one NOT bike but bad

We had a few reports of car accidents on the Hill last night — sounds like there was another accident late last night involving a car and a bicyclist between Pike and Pine on Broadway.

UPDATE — SPD confirms this was car and pedestrian accident. Report:

On October 24th , at approximately 11:42 P.M., a  Ford, Mustang, driven by a 25-yoa male was traveling northbound on Broadway Ave in the center lane approaching Pike St.   At the same time a 24-yoa male was crossing Pike St eastbound in the north crosswalk at Pike St.  The Mustang struck the 24-yoa pedestrian, who when up onto the hood; striking his head on the windshield and continued over the top of the vehicle and landed on the street.  Seattle Fire Department responded to the scene and transported the 24-yoa male pedestrian to HMC, who had a broken right leg and serious head injures, which were thought to be life threatening.  

Witness statements indicated that the Mustang had a green light and the pedestrian apparently entered the crosswalk against the “Don’t Walk” signal. 

The driver was evaulated for possible intoxication/impairment.

Also have this transcript from last night’s live East Precinct police scanner activity thanks to Central District News.

Scanner Transcript
11:40pm Officer: “We need to start fire, we just had someone get hit by a car at Broadway and Pike”

Dispatch: “Broadway & Pike, is the car still there?”

Officer: “Affirmative”

11:42pm – “Traffic shut down northbound”

“We have not been able to find the driver yet”

Southbound traffic shut off at pine st

Officer reports driver found. Vehicle checks clear, current on red ’97 ford mustang

11:52pm Officer sent to get blood.

11:54pm “For the record, they’ve (fire) cancelled the blood run at this time”

11:55pm – Fire takes the driver to Harborview. (Unclear on status of victim at this point)

12:06am “One in custody. I need to know if there’s another unit who can bring a blood draw kit up to harborview”

There were other passengers in the vehicle. Police trying to find them to get written statements

Here’s the initial report from cap to the hill

an accident happened tonight between pike and pine on broadway. according to police a car struck a biker.

i was out with friends when we heard this so we skipped the line at cha(duh) and headed down to see what was up.well, it was a pretty graphic scene. i wasn’t expecting to see actual blood on broadway but i did.

And more details from a note on Twitter:

Nasty bike accident on Broadway last night, in front of Blockbuster. Nervously awaiting to hear back from bicycle friends.

And here’s an entry for a large response in the real-time 911 report at 11:43pm.

I’ll see what else I can learn and post it here.

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5 thoughts on “Another accident: This one NOT bike but bad

  1. I was working at blockbuster when this happened, but was in the back when it actually occurred, but I saw out the window all the firetrucks and cops. Apparently a woman in the car that hit the bicyclist came into the store to drunkenly attempt to rent dvds after they had hit him and parked in front of the store. Then the police arrived and asked if she was in that car and took her off. One of my coworkers asked the officers about the victim and they said he died in the hospital. It’s pretty messed up someone was party to murder then tries to rent movies right after.