Save the B&O Espresso building… and their Chorizo with Ranchero scramble!

Mmm. I had brunch at B&O Espresso today and was sad to find out that they took the chorizo with ranchero scramble off of their regular menu. Thankfully, it was on special this morning. I savored every bite.

I also learned that there is a movement to save the B&O Espresso building! These cards were available in their entrance/waiting area.

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9 thoughts on “Save the B&O Espresso building… and their Chorizo with Ranchero scramble!

  1. The B&O is moving to the Dilettante’s old space on Broadway. The proposed redevelopment would not eliminate the B&O business.

  2. “…eliminates historical, architectural or cultural connections to our past”

    not every old building in seattle is worthy of saving. in my opinion, the building which houses the b&o is a squat, unattractive, single-use single story building that needs to be redeveloped to suit the changing density of the neighborhood.

    i’m sorry that some people who remember having their first espresso there 30 years ago won’t be able to walk by the building and reminisce, but the times they are a changing. this is not to say that buildings and businesses shouldn’t be preserved but let’s pick our battles for structures that have ACTUAL significance. besides, more apartments will only help to drive down the cost of rent; supply and demand.

    as for the business of b&o, if they have a loyal enough clientele i’m sure they’ll find another spot and keep serving long into the future – just look at the soon to re-open bus stop.

  3. I totally agree with zeebleoop on this one. I’m all for preserving certain buildings either for their aesthetic, historic or functional importance, and I can’t blame the B&O for trying to save their building that they’ve been in for so long, but that building is not worth the trouble of trying to save. We need more density in the city, which means that lots of parking lots should and will be redeveloped, and lots of single story buildings (like this one) should and will be redeveloped as well.

  4. I talked to the owner of B&O on Saturday night (after consuming a delicious chocolate pot). He says their landlord gave them another 2-3 year lease on the current space. Given the economic crisis, the building owner is probably putting off redevelopment of the property.

    The owner of the B&O said that they are proceeding with plans to open their Broadway location. So there’ll be 2 B&Os!