Avoid Olive & Melrose

Olive between Melrose and Bellevue is a mess as of 4:45pm. There are at least 4 buses sitting on Olive, not moving, not even turned on it looks like. There was a bus trying to turn right onto Melrose that got stuck, so there was a metro tow truck trying to push it from behind but it wasn’t really working. Didn’t look like any cars were getting through there at all.

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5 thoughts on “Avoid Olive & Melrose

  1. I was sitting at clever dunnes, drinking a few beers and watching the quality service from SDOT.

    Really? Bring out the articulated buses? And put those chains on them? The ones that seem to be made from some sort of jello?
    God, that’s why I voted against prop 1.

  2. You pass judgement on people working to keep our transportation system going during a snowstorm that happens once every 20-30 years.

  3. Yeah, this is becoming normal this week. I’ve seen easily 2 dozen buses (probably double) stuck in the past couple days, most of them on Olive Way. You learn to go around them pretty quick. No matter how you go, it’s going to take atleast double the amount of time to travel anywhere.

    However, I’m glad metro is atleast putting buses out there. They could be shutting down service entirely. Buses are packed, so I don’t blame them for putting the articulated ones out. They have chains on 2 sets of wheels.

    The biggest problem is all the other people out on the road, either 4wd urban-SUV (I’m looking at the SUV’s with summer tires) or the people with 2wd cars and no chains! The streets are a mess right now, and having you block them while somebody pushes you every 50 feet doesn’t help! Stay home or go buy some chains. It’s the only safe way to get around.