CHS-V Ep.1 – The Blog

Episode 1 of CHS-V focuses on the development and evolution of our very own CHS. It covers how the blog was created, what it’s role is in the ever changing media landscape, and how it covered the biggest news event in it’s short history, the election night celebrations. Thanks to Justin, Scott Durham; creator of the software that this blog runs on, and reader/ contributor Seadevi, who all sat down for interviews for this story.

CHS-V is a citzen journalism series focusing on, of course, Capitol Hill. I want this series to be a collaborative effort, like this blog is, so I want to make myself, and this series open to everyone. If you are working on a post that you think could use some video content to supplement it, or you think the topic would work better as a video; let me know and if I’m in to the concept, I’ll co-produce a segment that you can embed along with your post. I know there are some topics that could benefit from some video content, and I’m sure that having video will help draw more attention to your topic.

Hint – Any post that focuses on one person, or group of people could easily be turned into an interview.

Thanks everyone, I look forward to hearing your ideas via the comment section, or on twitter (cheesecake2) or you can visit my website; where you’ll find my contact info, and soon… a page dedicated to CHS-V with additional info.

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15 thoughts on “CHS-V Ep.1 – The Blog

  1. My first comment went away somewhere else. I second the kudos! This looks and sounds pretty damn fly, if I do say so myself. Money quote: “Luckily my iPhone was fully charged.” Chills, J! Chills!

  2. Awesome!

    (mvb, the blog has been eating my comments, too – chomp chomp – luckily I wasn’t saying anything important…this time)

  3. thanks for all the great comments everyone. Re: josh- the videos are Js from that night, but the photos are ones I found on flickr, as I mentioned in the credits. you gotta watch the credits people!

  4. I think it is easy for viewers to be confused about who took the election night photos. Scott states that Justin is out there taking shots and uploading them right away to the blog. But the photos that accompany his words are taken by others (as stated by Justin above).

    Perhaps it would be appropriate to provide unobtrusive photo credits on these photos so that credit is given to the actual photographers (besides the end credit notice).

  5. Ah, the internet. Make something. Enjoy the, um, advice.

    I definitely don’t want to turn this into an ongoing back and forth about the pics. But I agree that it’s confusing. I’d rather see my iPhone shots — some are crappy but some are good and all were ‘broadcast’ live. The video bits of the election fun are mine :)

    That being said, I also really appreciate cheesecake’s work on this and would rather have the focus on what comes next.

  6. point taken. and I will definitely be more conscious of these kinds of issues in the future. I wasn’t trying to make it seem like those were Js shots but I can definitely see how the timing would make it seem that way.

    But as J said lets focus on what come next… Anyone have an idea for what my next story should be? I have some ideas but I’d love to hear any ideas that are out there.