How Obama blue was your part of Capitol Hill?

The night Barack Obama was elected president, people partied in the streets of Capitol Hill, converging in an epicenter of jubilance at the intersection of Pike and Broadway. Earlier that day and in the weeks preceding, the people that live near that intersection cast their votes for Obama at overwhelming levels — in Seattle’s 43rd Congressional District, Precinct 1861, 779 individuals made a mark for Obama vs. 20 for John McCain.

Amazingly, Precinct 1861’s 95% level of support for Obama wasn’t the highest we found on the Hill in our analysis of the 2008 presidential election voting records. In the map below, the darkest blue pockets represent areas where Obama received 95% or greater of the vote. You can see the strong southern flank of super-support for Obama stretching from Olive to Miller Park. Of course, he didn’t fare too poorly across the rest of Capitol Hill — the only Hill precinct where Obama failed to garner at least 85% of the vote was up in St. Mark’s where the voters notched a paltry 81% of the vote for the democratic candidate.

For the rest of the numbers, see the map below. Just click on any precinct to see the 2008 totals.

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To see how Obama fared in the Central District including the precinct where he tallied an incredible 97.2% of the vote, check out this analysis by our sister site Central District News.

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