Crap, it’s snowing (& sticking) again on the Hill

Here we go again
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Clearly, this is just nature reminding you of Tuesday’s city council session where they’ll be discussing December’s snow and ice craziness. If you’re like many of the people living on Hill and can’t make Tuesday morning’s session, send an e-mail (click the council’s little heads here to get their page with e-mail details and more) and tune in to watch online.

Update: 8:22p

A few pictures from my neck of the woods.

And a video of Broadway from cheesecake

Update 11:11p
Round-up from the comments:

o Report of tree down on bus wires along 15th Ave E at Volunteer Park. MvB on the scene says wires down for both north and south routes and that 15th Ave is CLOSED. Map

Photo: MvB

o City page with power outage listing and updates

o Power out in stretches across city so bring a few extra blankets and a flashlight to bed with you tonight. Sleep tight.


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33 thoughts on “Crap, it’s snowing (& sticking) again on the Hill

  1. Even though it is “supposed” to rain tomorrow – let’s start giving this sticking snow a proper name.
    My offerings:
    Back-to-School Storm 2009
    Ah #%!*& It’s Snowing Again Storm 2009
    The Day After the Day After (times 7) Hanukkah Storm 2009
    This Time We’ll Use Salt Storm 2009

  2. Well here we go again. I will be checking Seattle schools website for snow updates. Parents need to work so I am hoping for a quick meltdown.

  3. It’s supposed to be in the mid/high 40s all week. A little has stuck now but I doubt it will be 1/4 inch before it starts raining again.

  4. Winter weather advisory by NOAA only in effect until 9 PM – they are saying 1-3″ total accumulation possible, then it’s supposed to change over to rain. I sure hope so!

  5. AWD’s vehicles ready
    Call nanny and tell her to be on call in case of no school (thank you Grandma)
    Get my walking boots ready in case that 23rd Av. gets scary
    keep looking at schools website and pray for no closure
    Stay awake waiting for snow plans from work
    Start looking at job opp. in Miami

  6. I just realized I should put a disclaimer up: I’m only measuring what is on my balcony railing and not what is on the ground.

  7. Couple of bendy 43’s idling @ 20th/John, due to another one stuck just up the hill at 19th & Thomas. Very typical snow scenario. Many cars going round them and getting up the hill. Others give up, or try and then retreat. Picture @ ~ 6:30

    buses in snow

    PS admire the crispness of the handheld 1/8th sec. exposure! Or point out that the noise at 800 ISO hides a multitude of sins.

  8. But I went back to the Midwest for the holidays to no snow and a 70 degree, Christmas Day heat wave. We missed the last storm by a mere three hours. (My partner and I flew our at 6am the morning of the storm.) I know everyone is tired of it but I will admit that I’m thrilled to see it, even if it’s only for a little while.

  9. Just walked back from dinner in Madison Valley and Madison at 23rd has two empty stuck Metro buses along with a bunch of cars pushing each other out of the way. I’m guessing 19th is just as bad.

  10. One of the 43’s got unstuck, headed down 19th (to the Atlantic Base) and then got stuck when it turned onto Madison at 19th. This is causing assorted foolishness, as in trying to pass it and getting stuck. Add in several rear-wheel drive taxis: the front stoop of the Alano Club is the place to be for free fun.

    Meanwhile, another 43 is now stuck at 19th/Thomas, but the chain-up truck is helping it. The third one has vanished.

    Some cars are zipping around fine, others are having all sorts of trouble. Not correlated with front/rear wheel drive. Could it be skill level?

  11. Walk to work
    Pray that Grandma can make it up the Hill from the U. district (babysitting duties)
    Go to QFC 15th Ave to stock on essential (red wine)
    Come home and get Fat, I am weak, can not run in the snow

    The King County Department of Transportation is responding to snowy travel conditions Sunday evening, and is monitoring the weather situation into Monday morning. Although the snow is expected to turn to rain overnight, please check travel conditions before leaving home in the morning.

    Here’s what the department’s divisions are doing tonight:

    Metro Transit
    King County Metro Transit is experiencing some snow-related service disruptions Sunday evening. Check Metro Online for the most current adverse weather information (don’t forget to refresh your browser for each visit), or call the Customer Information Office at (206) 553-3000. The forecast calls for the snow to turn to rain by midnight, but Metro staff will be working overnight to prepare the buses for whatever the Monday morning commute brings. If driving conditions are still bad Monday morning, please check Metro’s website or call to plan bus travel before leaving home.
    King County roads
    The King County Road Services Division has been plowing snow in all unincorporated areas since Sunday afternoon. The crews will stay on duty overnight to continue clearing roads for Monday morning. Please drive carefully, and give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination.

  13. Nothing out on Hill yet but report of some power issues in Madrona. Be ready for it. Really wet snow, branches sagging, getting wetter.

  14. a big branch fell about an hour ago and snapped a power line behind the 1619 east john apartment building. it has sparked up once or twice since it came down, so is obviously live, though hanging fairly high in the trees above the ground. i’ve been trying to call the seattle light “emergency” customer service number, and it has just been ringing busy for the last 45 minutes. any other thoughts on how to report it?

  15. Not likely, unless we lost it in the middle of the night. We have no clocks or other electronic devices that would blink to prove it to us.