Hey Google, fix your Cap Hill map

Hey, multi-billion dollar Internet giant, please fix the name of our neighborhood park on your damn maps. Neighbor kayzel asks for your help setting Google straight:

The Historic Lincoln Park/Lincoln Reservoir and Bobby Morris Playfield site was designated a Seattle Historic Landmark in March 1999. In April 2003 the entire site was renamed Cal Anderson Park. (The playfield has retained its name and is known as the Bobby Morris Playfield at Cal Anderson Park.)

Google Maps has allowed a “community editor” to alter the name of the park and the error persists despite several notifications. The map incorrectly calls the park Bobby Morris Reservoir (there has never been such a thing) and indicates a large blue open reservoir which also doesn’t exist (the reservoir was buried in 2003-05). Google indicates Bobby Morris Playfield in the wrong area of the site (middle rather than south), and the official name of Cal Anderson Park is not there at all.

This has caused much confusion in the public when searching for the park and its activities and sports events.

Additional support to get Google to correct the map would be greatly appreciated.
See: http://www.seattle.gov/parks/park_detail.asp?ID=3102
and: http://www.historylink.org/index.cfm?DisplayPage=output.cfm&;

Here’s the flub kayzel is talking about:

To its credit, Google does allow community edits to the placemarker feature so anybody can add the marker item like you see above. I just added one for Cal Anderson Park, in fact. The community editing doesn’t seem to be to blame here.

The issue kayzel points out is in the underlying map labels. To fix that, Google is going to have to work with whatever partner provides the basic map details for them. Join the cause and file a bug with Google maps here to ask for a Cal Anderson correction. Just cut and paste this into the form — select Searching or Search Results > Another Problem Not Listed Here > paste this:
Seattle WA 11th Ave E at E Pine. Bobby Morris Reservoir label should be replaced by Cal Anderson Park. Bobby Morris Playfield should be moved south.

In the meantime, have fun adding new items to Capitol Hill.


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4 thoughts on “Hey Google, fix your Cap Hill map

  1. OpenStreetMap – a community created map also has it right:

    The thing I love about OSM is that if someone has a gripe about the map contents, you can just fix it yourself! :)

  2. Google Maps not only allows “community editors” to move a place marker, it also allows them to change or even remove the name of a place. Someone called Aaron K removed the name Cal Anderson Park by changing it to Bobby Morris Playfield in Dec. 08. The editing history can be seen by clicking on the place marker, then Edit, then View History.
    FYI, the official address for Cal Anderson Park is 1635 – 11th Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98122.
    I have contacted Teleatlas repeatedly about their base map matrix error without a response.
    Thanks for any continuing support with this confounding process.