Hill gay bars threatened with ricin attacks

Somebody is threatening Capitol Hill gay bars with attacks using the deadly poison ricin. The Stanger reports that it and 11 gay bars received threatening letters today describing how the attacks would unfold. Here is the letter received by Re-Bar that appeared on the Slog:

The letter writer named Elite, Neighbours, Wild Rose, the Cuff, Purr, the Eagle, R Place, Re-bar, CC’s, Madison Pub, and the Crescent in the letter sent to The Stranger. The writer, it seems, knows his or her gay bars including the top 5. Some talk of bar crawls this weekend in defiance of the threats. Going out?

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7 thoughts on “Hill gay bars threatened with ricin attacks

  1. So he has some poison who cares? Doesn’t scare me a bit. I don’t go out much but if I did a threat like this wouldn’t scare me. I am more worried about being hit by a car while walking around Capitol Hill(bad habit of mine to walk and text and not pay attention to cars) then I am of some idiot with poison.

    I think it would be great if every gay club who was targeted threw in a good $500 or $1000 in reward money for the person who helps catch the guy making these threats. The tip would of course have to lead to an arrest. This guy is bound to have one opportunistic friend out there willing to turn him in for some money.

  2. Pretty awful stuff. I read that a pub crawl was in order to show support for the bars? I don’t think this guy has anything. Hope he gets caught quickly. There’s always the potential for unleashing copy cats.

  3. I went to Purr last night (we were headed elsewhere until we read about these stupid threats) for dinner and a drink and told the bartender that we were there because of the ricin letters. He was very appreciative. It’s always nice when threats actually generate business and support instead of driving them away.

  4. Press Release

    Event: “Capitol Hill Pub Crawl”
    Date: Friday January 9th
    Time: 8PM-2AM

    11 Bars in the Capitol Hill area have received Death threats from anonymous letters graphically depicting the possible threat of Ricin poisoning.

    On Friday Night January 9th 2009, 11 Bars operating in tandem to combat Hate and Fear, have organized a Capitol Hill PUB CRAWL. All people are encouraged to support our efforts to bring life to our local bars for support against Fear and Hatred posed to our local Gay community.
    The Pub Crawl will began at 8pm and continues until 2am at all the 11 bars.
    We ask that you gather your friends, pick a specific bar and work your way around the 11 establishments, we are trying not to get everyone at one point and move around together as most of the establishments cannot fit an overload of people at one time
    The Elite 1520 E Olive Way (206) 860-0999
    Neighbours 1509 Broadway (206) 324-5358
    The Wildrose 1021 E Pike St (206) 324-9210
    The Cuff 1533 13th Ave (206) 323-1525
    Purr 1518 11th Ave (206) 325-3112
    The Seattle Eagle 314 E Pike (206) 621-7591
    R Place 619 E Pine St(206) 322-8828
    Re-bar 1114 Howell Street (206) 233-9873
    C.C.Attle’s 1501 E Madison Street (206) 323-4017
    Madison Pub 1315 E Madison St (206) 325-6537
    The Crescent 1413 E Olive Way (206) 726-1774

    And remember not to leave your beverage unattended
    Peace and be safe