New Year’s incidents on Capitol Hill

Looks like mostly a peaceful night on Capitol Hill. Only two incidents we’re checking out — unsure of the severity of either.

First, there was a 911 callout to 321 Broadway E with report of a fire in the building around 2:30a. That’s the location of Vivace’s walk-up stand (oh, no, not the Vivace walk-up stand!) and a biz called The Hair Connection. No info from SFD yet and haven’t been by so don’t know if anybody was hurt or if there is damage.

UPDATE 12:12p
See comments below. No obvious damage. Will need to find out what the medic response was for.

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Second, is even lighter on details. Twitter report of a large police response on the Hill around 3a. So, yes, it’s one person but we are seeing an assault with weapons incident in the 911 logs around Seattle University at that time so we’ll continue to look into it.

UPDATE 12:12p
Central District News has details on the Jefferson incident. Turns out, it was a false alarm but caused a massive response because the 911 caller said that an officer had been shot:

A caller to 911 had reported shots fired and that a police officer had been hit in the 1200 block of E. Jefferson.  This started a large police and medic response, but after investigation they found that it was a false report. It’s not immediately clear if anyone will face charges for the waste of manpower.

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2 thoughts on “New Year’s incidents on Capitol Hill

  1. This address is in the U-District by the UW (slightly north of Greek Row area) not Seattle U – 5235 17th Ave NE (based on his links on Twitter).

    The incident close to Seattle U was at 1212 E. Jefferson (based on the 911 logs).

  2. Re-read his Tweets. He was wrong about the news item being what he saw and has since (kind of) clarified. Said the incident he saw was near SU. I’ll see if SPD can shed any light.

    As for the fire near report near Vivace walk-up, stopped by this morning and nothing was amiss. There’s also an apartment building at same address so could have been a smaller incident. Saw no obvious damage.