Tree snaps 15th Ave bus lines

A massive pile of snow-laden branches knocked down both the north and south extensions of Metro bus cables last night near the 1200 block of 15th Ave E. As a result, Metro is currently not running the #10 bus east of Broadway. Keep track of status on the Metro adverse weather page.

Photo: MvB


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9 thoughts on “Tree snaps 15th Ave bus lines

  1. The 10 is still not running down Pine this morning, and yet on the adverse weather page, that route isn’t listed among those affected by the weather, nor is that information found on the service announcement/reroute page. Brilliant.

  2. This post saved me a long wait for the 10 (which as Audrey pointed out, METRO claimed was running) and might have saved me from missing a flight!

  3. Indeed, the Prius is a tad messed up I’m afraid. It doesn’t look like the owner has tended to it yet, either. Picture from about 1PM today: