Good ‘mews’ about 11th Ave at Pike project

There was finally a city design review meeting — here’s our write-up on the project by JoshMahar — that got positive feedback and I missed it. Lesley Bain, principal architect at Weinstein AU, was there last night, however. Her unilateral viewpoint: Mood was good and comments were generally positive. “I think people were genuinely excited about it,” Bain told me in a phone chat this afternoon. She’s got skin in the game, of course, so feel free to counter in the comments.

But it’s hard to argue when the project plans call for this to be preserved…

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while this rises nearby:

The mews

So, apparently, the review session for the 6-story, 60-unit apartment building and retail space was mostly a praise-fest. One key feature which inspired more commentary on the Slog than it did in the meeting was the presence of an alley running between 12th and 11th Aves called a “mews.”

Bain says the Slog commenters concerns about safety and crime were misinformed. Bain said the mews will be lined with small retail spaces designed for stores and cafes with roll-up doors that open the shops to the walking space. “The mews is a walkway,” Bain said. “The thing that really makes those work is activities and retail spaces.”

She also said the mews will be gated and locked at night to reduce chances it becomes a magnet for crime and public urination.

Interesting design, a retail space that inspires, no public urination — built it already, right? Not yet. Bain said there is no schedule to start the project as the developers Dunn + Hobbes seek financing. In the meantime, you can check out more about the mews design and the entire project in this design review PDF.

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One thought on “Good ‘mews’ about 11th Ave at Pike project

  1. this is great. The Mews is like a mini version of these great little pedestrian only retail streets here in Barcelona, definitely a step in the right direction for Seattle.