Hill’s latest swanky restaurant ready to open (for real this time)

After a false start or two, the newest addition to the growing roster of Hill high cooking now probably really for sure is maybe opening this Friday. Ethan Stowell’s Anchovies & Olives is reportedly ready for business. A&O will also be the debut of the retail portion of The Pearl Apartments at 1530 15th Ave. Need to find out when people will actually start living there. Healeo joins the retail space this spring. Fortunately, things look a little better over there than the construction image captured in the current Google Street View.

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4 thoughts on “Hill’s latest swanky restaurant ready to open (for real this time)

  1. I wandered in there earlier tonight hoping to grab a table, and heard from a server that they’re going to be feeding people tomorrow (Thursday). YMMV, though, so call ahead.

  2. Didn’t realize the Sept part. I couldn’t remember having seen any life wandering by every now and then but made sure to look up tonight and, yup, there are people living there.

    Brix, too, I guess. Kinda weird how these places start. They should put out a sign saying People Here Now or somesuch.