Larger Liberty report confirmed

Not news on the scale of economic stimulation, certainly, but, hey, if you make a phone call to a bar to confirm something, reach the owner and get a chance to chat with him for a short bit, you had better make a post out of it if you really wanna be a neighborhood blogger. Following up on Wesa’s report that Liberty Bar was expanding, I called the 15th Ave lounge to see what’s up. Owner Andrew Friedman confirms that he is, indeed, taking over part of the space currently occupied by Flowers on 15th to create a larger Liberty. The new area will be an expanded seating area with “comfortable couches” and will be better for groups, Friedman said. Expect the work to start in about 6 weeks.

Now if I can just find out the City Attorney’s charges against Jinwei Yang, status of the investigation into this suspected murder and this robbery are, we’ll be in business.

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3 thoughts on “Larger Liberty report confirmed

  1. This is good news for liberty, which is always packed to the gills. But, shucks… it’s going to be a bummer to see the flower lady pack up shop. Does anyone know if she’s going to move into another space on 15th? I always really appreciated how they took care of the tree boxes.