Metro’s snowy sorry

All one needs to do to measure Metro’s success in getting out info about Thursday morning’s blast of winter snow is review CHS comments:
o My bff just walked from north Broadway to Pine & 3rd along the 49’s route and didn’t see a single bus.
o We waited 25 mins for a 43 before giving up and driving at 8:15am.
o Yeah, the 49 never came this morning. I walked downtown from Broadway and Republican to catch a 70-series, and was amazed to see that the 43/8 bus stops and the 14 bus stops were packed with people who must have thought (as I did) that Metro would surely still be running with chilled slush. Ugh.

CHS, Metro says it’s sorry and will do better next time… next year!

As the winter season winds to a close, Metro is already looking to next season by pursuing additional steps that can be taken to keep riders better informed of transit disruptions. Those actions include: redesigning elements of the Metro Online website; beefing up emergency event staffing plans for the Customer Information Office; adding additional staff to track and post bus reroute and service disruptions online; and exploring the use of emerging public communication tools to help disseminate information.

Which pretty much guarantees a snowy April.

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One thought on “Metro’s snowy sorry

  1. I’m done dealing with Metro, I’d rather risk injury on my bicycle than wait for a bus.

    I rode my little road bike without incident, but a bus with chains can’t get through?

    I’m out of love with you, metro.