Rom Mai Thai Restaurant gets a makeover

Rom Mai Thai at the North end of Broadway is getting a serious remodel. What once looked like this…


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Will soon look something like this:

According to their sign the work should be done, “SOON”. In the meantime they are still open for Take-out and Delivery: 206.726.9058‎

I’m pretty happy about this. The old facade looked super tacky. I think this new look (inspired by the Poppy building I’m sure) will really highlight the historic Lewis Building and open the restaurant up to the street a lot more with extended windows. Now if only someone would take over the old Chinese Restaurant…

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8 thoughts on “Rom Mai Thai Restaurant gets a makeover

  1. I panicked on Friday when we walked by and it looked like they had closed. Glad to know they’re still open. Really decent Thai food — and some of the friendliest service anywhere on the hill.

  2. It’s like I was just asking about that place this morning, and then by the afternoon, here’s a post answering my questions! Thanks, JoshMahar, and thanks, CHS!

  3. regarding the abandoned old chinese restaurant, i think this building will have to be demolished. About six months ago, I spoke to the real estate company who handles renting the building out, and they said there are structural flaws to the place that may prevent them from renting it out

  4. Hmmm, interesting. Well I wouldn’t mind if someone bought up that and the parking lot, but hopefully they don’t go for the Tanjin building too. We have enough excessively large buildings on that end.

  5. Rom Mai Thai is open for take out now and by the looks of the construction they need all the business they can get.

    Last week the architects who were renovating the building back to the original large windows said they were unaware of the newly revealed molding when they took off the boarding. I think its a wonderful discovery that makes the building look very stately. Last week they said it may take an additional six more weeks.

    Next door a business named “Edgar’s Fixtures” is moving in. I believe it will be new and hard to find antique house fixtures.