Chang’s Building Gone

1827 Broadway (the old Chang’s building) is now a pile of rubble.  Yesterday when I walked by it was looking like this,

then as of today it is totally gone.

The building, formerly owned by Cheryl Tinder, is the only building West of Broadway that is being demolished as part of the light rail station construction.  The site will serve as the stations west entrance.  In 2005, before Sound Transit had acquired the property, the PI reported that the Steve Smith Development Co was planning on redeveloping the site along with the parking lot next to it, into condos with ground floor retail.  Ground breaking was planned for the summer of 2006, with occupancy in the fall of 2007. 


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5 thoughts on “Chang’s Building Gone

  1. and now if they can just get rid of that old godfathers that stretch of the block will feel like it has been cleansed…

  2. Back during the walking tours of the planned demolition I pointed out that Chang’s and my building were attached. Surveyors came out and assured me that I was mistaken but I declined to move into the apartment attached to Chang’s. Today I came home and found that the deck wall has been ripped off the building. Now that is going to be a great lawsuit that will increase the costs of this project!

  3. Was going to mention in my post but forgot… that coming to Chang’s is my ONLY childhood memory of Capitol Hill, so you can’t blame me for not remembering Sizzler! Growing up in Lake Shitty I never ventured south much except to go the Ave or Downtown.

  4. Bubbamike, if you want to correct people let’s do it right. Before that it was a car repair shop. The building was constructed for that purpose.

    Sorry to hear about the damage dizzy…. Hope you can work with the contractor on the repair. This project including all the additional cost is already sky high…. Let’s us all try to keep it down. The people paying for your potential lawsuit are all the tax payers. There is no money coming out of any other pockets. Re-think you lawsuit please…..