Did CD ‘shots fired’ bullet land in Capitol Hill kitchen?

More Miller Park news this morning. Reports of early morning shots fired in the area across the border in the Central District at 21st and Union might also serve to remind just how close to home violence in the CD can hit. It looks like the shots reported in the CD might have caused the situation reported a short time later in the 500 block of 20th Ave E — almost a mile away — where a resident reported that a bullet broke the back window of their house and landed on their kitchen floor but did not report hearing any shots. Recent shootings and gun-related crimes have been covered by our partners at the Central District News and we continue to try to keep both Capitol Hill and the CD aware of the issues in the most balanced, non-alarmist way we can approach the coverage.

Here are details of this morning’s reports:

Central District News scanner’s twitter feed has the reports for both the 21st and Union and the 500 block of 20th incidents. On the map, the big red circle represents a 2300-meter radius — the distance a bullet fired from an ‘average sized’ handgun will travel when fired at a 45 degree angle. Trying to get in touch with somebody from SPD who can help piece the morning’s events together.

One thought on “Did CD ‘shots fired’ bullet land in Capitol Hill kitchen?

  1. The bullet may be able to travel that far, but do you really think it still has the force required to break a window and pass through to land inside a room? I’d also like to know at what angle the bullet hit the glass, because a bullet falling from an angle that steep (the parabolic curve created by a 45-degree shot) would more likely graze than penetrate. Not to mention all the trees, roofs & gutters, etc. that could otherwise be in its way.