Free and Low Cost Health-Care in Seattle

Seeing a NY Times article about how to bargain down your medical bills reminded me how many of us don’t have health insurance, especially after all the rounds of layoffs that have accompanied the present economic downturn. I didn’t have health insurance for two years after college and managed to get along alright with the help of some great neighborhood resources, namely the Seattle Vocational Institute’s Dental Assistant Program and the Country Doctor Community Clinic.

However, it’s hard to use these resources if you don’t know about them.  See below for more links below to no and low-cost health care programs in Seattle and King County:


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2 thoughts on “Free and Low Cost Health-Care in Seattle

  1. Can some body help me with my health issue. i am student and i don’t have insurance because i cannot affored to pay.

  2. Hi everyone, my name is Tony Lomae Jr. I am from the Republic of the Marshall Islands. I am looking for someone who can help me and my father. Well, my father is really and he really needs to see doctor now but he can’t see them because he doesn’t have insurant. I want to know from where can I take my father to so that he can have treatment from doctors. Our condition is we are not the U.S. citizen but we like a U.S. Territory so we help to find a clinic that can help low income or free treatment….Once again thanks to everyone whois will to help us out God Bless and thanks alot