Pizza Fusion RIP

Just got word from owner Kevin York — Pizza Fusion is no more. Never said goodbye to a CHS sponsor in this way so forgive any awkwardness.

PF was born back in November and positioned itself as a purveyor of pie with organic ingredients, and, importantly for many, gluten-free options. Much of their interior was made up of recycled or reclaimed material (including bar stools from the Sunset Bowl and hardwood flooring from Garfield).

York was the first to admit he couldn’t have had worse timing in trying to open the franchise as the economy tanked and purse-strings tightened. Even a steady stream of daily specials advertised on this very neighborhood blog couldn’t save the restaurant.

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17 thoughts on “Pizza Fusion RIP

  1. I only at there once, but the pizza was damn good and they had great local brews on tap. I probably would’ve gone back, but it just wasn’t near my neighborhood.

  2. Now I’m back to choosing to bake my own pies or worry about which night has the stand-up comedy shows?

    I know I did my best to help, and I’ll miss you, Pizza Fusion. Here’s hoping you win the tournament pool!

  3. We were just beginning to make it a regular thing every Thursday, that sucks! Kevin you were great to us, I wish you well.

  4. We got Pizza Fusion take out not quite once a week. It was super convenient and very tasty. I’m bummed for Kevin and Crew.

  5. It always looked way too sterile for us, not homey feeling. There was also a 2 to 1 ratio of employees to customers, seemed a little odd.

  6. That’s bad news about Pizza Fusion. They’ll be missed, for sure. For those of you gluten-free-ers out there, I just moved to Seattle from New York, and there is a restaurant there called Risotteria that specializes in amazing (and gluten-free) risotto, pizzas, and desserts. They have some items available for mail-order, including homemade pizza crust mix. (It’s awesome!)

    Be sure to let them know that Michael Buchert sent you.

  7. Oh, darn! Pizza is usually either a last minute thing, at Olympia up the street, or a destination meal w/ the kids and friends at Tutta Bella, or a pizza-a-deux pizza at dark, romantic Via Tribunale. I hadn’t figured out an excuse to go to Fusion yet–especially an excuse that could overcome the repellent “scene” that is going on next door at Barrio. Ew. Pizza Fusion needed to be on a warm organic-y corner, methinks.

  8. First thing, no Pizza place is going to survive if it is expensive no matter what(except Tom “the God” Douglas’)
    I know it was healthy but I saw the prices and said no pizza is worth it…besides real pizza is only found East Coast
    sorry to see them go!

  9. I tried pizza fusion three times since it was in the same building as my apartment, and there was something wrong each time. Either they were out of inventory, forgot to put the pie in, or the pie came out burnt. Also, never trust a restaurant whose tag line has nothing to do with the quality of the food, only the materials that went into it.

    Sorry to see them fail, but maybe something better will replace it for the sake of the ‘hood.