Rancho Bravo forever (or at least 4 1/2 years)

I ran into Rancho Bravo’s owner Freddy Rivas (yes, 2009 is the year of the Freddies) while grabbing lunch today and could not resist asking him a question that has been burning in my brain and belly since the first time I enjoyed one of RB’s muy autentico tacos — how long can this wonderful thing last?

Surely there must be a catch. The lease must be short-term. Demolition must be imminent. Quick, eat tacos while it lasts!

But Rivas says no worries, take your time. Rancho Bravo should be at its new location on Capitol Hill at 10th and Pine for several years. When he first looked into a lease for the location, Rivas said he was disappointed to find the property included a 2-year demolition clause that could have booted his operation out. When the property’s owner changed the clause to a longer period, Rivas said a flood of parties joined him in his interest in the property including a few national chains. Rivas pulled the trigger first. The result is a bustling taco shop in the midst of Pike/Pine that meets the needs of the lunchtime work crowd and the area’s busy nightlife.

So, relax and enjoy it. Rancho Bravo looks like a permanent component of Pike/Pine. Lest this news breed complacency and a reduction in buzz, Rivas says he has a few things planned that will garner even more attention for Rancho Bravo. Stay tuned.

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4 thoughts on “Rancho Bravo forever (or at least 4 1/2 years)

  1. Portland has a taco truck every goddamn block. sometimes 2 in one block next to thai trucks and even pho trucks. why can’t seattle get on this shit? one semi-decent taco joint opens up and the fucking hipsters do cartwheels in their blogs. Please, let me know when something actually interesting happens

  2. Umm – hey deuchebag – maybe the reason the hipsters are cartwheeling is for the exact reason you pointed out: ONLY ONE FUCKING PLACE LIKE THIS EXISTS ON THE HILL! It’s reason to celebrate.

    And this ‘why can’t this happen here?’ bullshit – one just happened, Skillet is a big (but expensive) success… maybe something IS happening.

    You had the data, but shit all over the math. Play again.

    Or… better, just go to/stay in Portland and eat every meal from your goddamned trucks.