CHS links: Bank robbery charges, light rail sinkholes, Amante’s lawsuit

Haven’t done a links post in awhile. Have to say, my Twitter activity steals a bit of the thunder from these. But not everybody Twitters, to be sure, and I can add a little more commentary in this format so I’ll try to get back into the habit here on CHS.

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8 thoughts on “CHS links: Bank robbery charges, light rail sinkholes, Amante’s lawsuit

  1. I remember reading about one sinkhole in Beacon hill about a month ago; news of more appearing is concerning. This is something that sound transit should be forced to root cause before they start tunneling under downtown/capitol hill.

  2. J, I have a Rancho Bravo question but your post below about reviews doesn’t allow comments and the reviews section requires a star rating to post (and this isn’t exactly a 5 star question). So:

    Is the drive thru in use at Rancho Bravo or is it walk-in only? Thanks!

  3. Thanks! I wasn’t concerned about parking as much as doing the drive-thru w/sleeping kids in the car….

  4. Srsly, have I not ranted enough about how evil that sign is? I boycott them for the sign alone… their wretched puttanesca sauce (gee, have I mentioned that before?) just adds insult to injury. CHS should have the good sense to steer clear. Let Amante go out of business so they can move to Kirkland where they belong.

  5. They should crack down on them. Some of them almost completely block the sidewalk. I’m looking your way, Hillside Quickie cafe. The way they block the sidewalk, they suck.