New coffee shop opening at 14th and Pine: Porchlight

In a recent CHS post, we wrote about the interesting business community developing in the 14th and Pine area of Capitol Hill’s Hilltop zone. Add a new player to that mix. I saw Zach (or could be Zack — we don’t know yet!) at the top of ladder affixing a line of letters to the building on 14th Ave where Blue Sky Cleaners has recently opened up shop. P O R C H L I G, I think it read at the time I was walking by.

The guy on the ladder said Porchlight Coffee will — if all the remaining work like letter affixing goes smoothly — open up in a few weeks. They will serve Greenwood Ave’s Herkimer Coffee, bagels and pastries and are promising some vegan alternatives for you vegan alternatives.

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9 thoughts on “New coffee shop opening at 14th and Pine: Porchlight

  1. That’s a great little strip and it’s good to see something else coming in. My wife and I were looking at the storefronts and thinking we needed to open a late night bakery/used book store in there but weren’t really sure how to go about such an endeavor.

  2. why does cap-hill get the heavy concentration of coffee shops? We’re still running amok here in belltown without very many quality shops.

  3. God damn this boy is hot! Can’t wait to indulge in the warm liquids he’ll be serving up in a few weeks!