Planning begins for Capitol Hill light rail station construction noise – Update

People love a boogey man. I’d been told by a few different people about Sound Transit pulling a fast one and scheduling some kind of hearing about relaxation in the city noise ordinances semi-secretly in the next week. Sound Transit says that’s not the case and the city’s Department of Planning calendar confirms it. No hearing on Sound Transit construction noise yet.


UPDATE: Sound Transit followed up with information on a hearing that might have caused some confusion up on the Hill. There is a meeting Thursday night to discuss a variance for the work on the UW light rail station. You can see the attached notice for more information on that session.


Spokesperson Bruce Gray says there is an important meeting planned to discuss Sound Transit’s Capitol Hill light rail station and tunnel construction noise upcoming — but it’s a public session to gather feedback and discuss the projects, not the official hearing with the city to establish a variance to the noise ordinances. Here’s the info on the June 10th session:

Sound Transit Noise and Night Construction Forum
Thursday, June 10, 2009
6 to 8 p.m.  (presentation begins at 6:30)
Broadway Performance Hall
1625 Broadway, Seattle WA
We will have information about night time construction, noise, and SDOT will be there to discuss pedestrian safety concerns on Olive and Denny.

Recall that the city has eased the process for large projects like the University Link light rail effort to get variances in the city’s noise laws to enable things like night-time work. If you live within earshot of the future station between John and Denny along Broadway, mark your calendar.

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