Sunday odd 911 calls: Man dies in single-car crash, Farmers Market flasher, Lark protest

A sunny Sunday and things get a little strange. Was looking into the odd circumstances surrounding the car crash and found a few other items of note. Here are three peculiar incidents from the day’s 911 roster.

11:35 AM – 926 12th Ave – The foie gras protests have been going on for weeks. Report prior to noon today indicated that some of the protesters were being aggressive and threatening to a passerby who contacted 911.

11:44 M – 17th and E Pike — Report of a car accident involving utility pole. Radio chatter indicates that victim was dead when emergency response workers arrived. Witnesses said the elderly man pulled out of a parking lot near the Council House Retirement Home‎ on 17th and immediately ran into the pole.

11:54 AM – Broadway Farmers Market – Report of man exposing himself at the market. Suspect is described as a white male in his mid-20s, with brown and white striped shirt, khaki pants, and no shoes.

UPDATE: Pic from platypusrex256 in comments of Quinn’s window. Certainly seems likely to stir things up.

photo: platypusrex256

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6 thoughts on “Sunday odd 911 calls: Man dies in single-car crash, Farmers Market flasher, Lark protest

  1. We saw the police hauling off the dude and wondered what he had done. Thanks for the report, J.

    PS: The Opening Day of the Market was great (despite Mr. Flasher)! Half Pint ice cream – awesome; Flowers – gorgeous; Bo – dancing to the live music.

  2. awesome, even more to like about Quinns.
    If I were more of an aggressive person I would have punched one of the Lark protesters in the face for honking a hand-held horn in my ear as I passed by. I’ve never eaten foie gras, but I might now just to spite their annoying behavior. I have a suspicion that they drive in from North Seattle to preach their crap. Anyone agree?

  3. I was at the Farmer’s Market the whole day tabling, and I didn’t see the flasher. How did I miss that?

  4. Yep, that’s right folks…Half Pint is BA and they actually make their own ice cream hence calling it homemade…..yes, they actually mix cream and sugar and eggs and everything else and MAKE the ice cream. They don’t pour a bagged mix from Snoqualmie Valley in to an ice cream machine, press start, and call it “homemade”…

    Thank you Half Pint for keeping it real…. too bad you don’t get the press of the other one we won’t name who has connections at every magazine and news paper because of her previous work and the investment company she takes her money from….

    Half Pint…we love you.

  5. Tried the toasted coconut ice cream the other day at the Market and LUV’d it! I don’t mind the handmixed texture of REAL ice cream. It takes me back a few years to hot summers and arms tired from cranking the ice cream churn. ;)