C.C. Attle’s Receives Lease Extension

Earlier today, I spoke to Scott Reichert, the owner and manager of C.C. Attle’s (a/k/a Men’s Room), located at 1501 East Madison about Bullitt’s plans to build a green, living building at the site.  Scott stated  that he expects to remain at the current site for at least the next year.   Moreover, he emphasized that Bullitt (the building owners) have been great to work with – and that in fact, he had just received a lease extension.

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3 thoughts on “C.C. Attle’s Receives Lease Extension

  1. Could you ask Scott what happened to the large inflatable buff guy doll that used to grace their roof around assorted holiday seasons?

    Such things are usually kind of hackneyed, when seen at car dealers or along I-5, but our family kind of misses the Madison Street Bear (or whatever/whoever he was).