Dykes rally by Drag Queens in Bat n Rouge softball game

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Neighbor Mike with curls provides CHS with this game report from Saturday night’s annual Bat n Rouge softball game at Cal Anderson Park’s Bobby Morris playfield:

… what a hoot … Queens vs. Dykes

This is so much fun – big crowd, about 3,00 spectators, perfect weather and the dykes won 33-29 — remember this is not real playing, but money buys strikes, runs and all kinds of dancing and other creative antics

Fund raising for Alano club, the GLBT AA club – raised a lot of money, the dykes kept buying runs for 100.00 each … tons of fun, personality galore, and community spirit and many bad jokes

And, yes, most of the male players would have been chosen last in middle school … so who gives a shit now a few years later

We also get an insight into some of the calls made during the big game — Bat n Rouge 2009’s umpire Kyra Olson has a blog:

So as an ump I lived up to my billing. Calling time out before a pitch to give a queen a wet t-shirt. Dancing with players on the field. One queen got a small rip in his mini skirt as he was batting…so I helped up him…by ripping the skirt further. The dykes would wrestle between innings for money…I would go out and referee it. I did one half inning eating a snow cone (my onfield partner one upped me by eating a hot dog).

The whole thing was a wild outting…and a lot of fun! :) So many people were entertained as evidenced by the laughter. The player had a good time too…and I was complimented by the majority of them for making the game a little more fun. I had a blast too and look forward to doing it again next year (I hope to be asked back…and if reactions right after the game are any indication I am likely to).

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One thought on “Dykes rally by Drag Queens in Bat n Rouge softball game

  1. What a perfect weather day for this fun event last evening! And what a great venue! It was so cool to see so many people enjoying the park and the having such a good time. (Made me feel like my tax dollars have been well spent on this park.) Thanks to all the players who put on a great show!