Fire at 12th and Republican quickly extinguished – UPDATE

Still tracking down details on this but wanted to get the word out on sirens you might have heard earlier this afternoon — several emergency units were dispatched to a fire in a single family residence at 12th Ave E and Republican around 3:36 PM. The call was closed down by just after 4:00 PM, about 20 minutes after the big Ladder 10 unit showed up. Will update when I hear back from Seattle Fire Department.

UPDATE: SFD spokesperson Dana Vander Houwen said the fire broke out on the back deck of the home and was quickly extinguished, indeed — by the residents of the home. No significant damage, no injuries, just flames and smoke and, one can assume, a toasted hibachi, though Dana couldn’t confirm the b-b-q angle for me.

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3 thoughts on “Fire at 12th and Republican quickly extinguished – UPDATE

  1. A groovy upgrade. It’s an amazing service though I wonder about regrets I’ll have in the future about not being able to see the area as it was when the article was posted. Pretty sure GOOG will add a ‘time machine’ function at some point that will allow you to see locations as they were in the past. Which would be our present. Or something. Just like Terminator!

  2. Justin, if you ever have a photo intern (or other interested photogs) this might be a retrospective project to consider: Going back and taking photos of story locations that only have a street view photo for reference (it won’t have the schmancy 360 viewability but it will be linked to the story).