More food and, um, sun notes: Free cones, Kingfish, Grey Gallery also add sidewalk seating

It’s grey and drizzly outside — finally a typical start to summer in Seattle. It’s a good time to keep on top of things like ice cream — quick reminder that you can score a free cone today at Old School Custard’s grand opening from 3 to 10 PM — and outdoor seating.

Meanwhile, the rest of the city can freak out about street food. We’ll concentrate on a more refined dining experience, for now.

We recently posted about yet another sidewalk cafe being planned on the Hill and the new public comment process to provide your feedback on applications. Including the first two written about earlier on CHS, we’ve found four sidewalk patios being planned on the Hill:

Both the Grey and the Kingfish applications’ public comment period ended on May 31 — we’ll try to be on top of any more applications earlier now that we know what to look for on the Department of Planning and Development site.

CHS sponsor Poco Wine Room also added outdoor seating recently but it’s off-sidewalk and not subject to the same permitting process.

And while we’re digging around in the city permit process, Captain Black’s deck won’t be on the sidewalk but they did get approved for their liquor license. An important development for a bar, no?

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2 thoughts on “More food and, um, sun notes: Free cones, Kingfish, Grey Gallery also add sidewalk seating

  1. “we’ll try to be on top of any more applications earlier now that we know what to look for on the Department of Planning and Development site.”

    You’re forgiven: the DPD permit website lists the addresses of regular applications but not those of Sidewalk Cafe permits, so you have to open each one to see where it is. I alerted Diane Sugimura (head of DPD) to this: she thanked me but noted that they’re being required to do more with less these days.

    Sidewalk Cafe permit process potentially awkward because it’s now split between DPD (planning dept) and the Transportation Department (who performed so well during the snow).

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