The Lookout neighborhood bar/pub plans to open June 19th

Lucky timing and hot weather provided an opportunity for a quick look inside The Lookout, a new neighborhood bar/pub opening later this month in the the remodeled Artemis space on Bellevue Ave E. Scheduled to open June 19th, The Lookout is looking good: warm wood floors, seating, and wainscoting, and lovely, bright mural paintings from artists NKO and NTG.

The windows of the space have been papered over for months, keeping the interior remodel and in-progress wall murals very hush hush. Today,  the front door was open and the architect/designer (Bryce?) was happy to chat for a minute about the opening schedule.

Happily, The Lookout plans to start using the building’s back patio for outdoor seating; it is partially shaded and has a terrific  westerly view with all the usual suspects you would expect to see when perched over I-5. ( Lake Union, Queen Anne, the Needle, the Sound, and beyond.)

The Lookout is a new place with new concept, new interior, new menu, new whatever-else, yet owned by the same pair who ran Artemis.  On the closure of Artemis and the reinvention to The Lookout, Owners Oscar and Boris say,

While we miss being a destination for casual fine dining, we remain committed to bringing you the same level of excellence as a neighborhood bar/pub. We look forward to introducing you to The Lookout in the near future. The back patio is already in place and we’ll be delighted to have you join us to enjoy it.

I’m looking forward to chillaxin’ on that patio. You?

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12 thoughts on “The Lookout neighborhood bar/pub plans to open June 19th

  1. I’m so excited about this! I frequently walk on the road back there and have seen that little patio, dreaming that one day I could sit and look out at the city with a pint of Manny’s in hand. Outdoor seating with a view like this in a dense lively neighborhood like this…I love you Cap. Hill!

  2. This patio is perfection!
    Dappled sunlight, good airflow, and that view, the view the view.

    Not to mention the drinks. These people know what they are doing. Expect some tasty libations to be coming over that counter.

  3. Cam (master mixologist): we love you–congrats on the opening. I can’t wait to be hanging out on the back patio with the sweeping views of Seattle. And just in time for Pride!

  4. Decent grub and beer, but come on, if you have tables, have table service. If you don’t want people to run a tab, don’t let them. Don’t start the thing half-way then demand a credit card. And for Pete’s sake, don’t just charge the card because you have one.

    Artemis was fine. This is crap. We left without tipping and won’t go back.

  5. To the poster complaining about bad service, and said they left without tipping:

    Get a grip! WHat do you expect on a soft opening night? Of COURSE it’s going to be busy. Of COURSE it will be hard to get a drink! It’s opening night. The neighborhood came out in full force to get a peek at The Lookout, the bar was rushed and the staff seemed overhwelmed. That is all par for the course for an opening night.

    My experience was thus: YES it was hard to get a drink, but that is because the place was flooded with people! Good looking, well mannered (well, except those who apparently don’t tip) cheerful patrons. YES the staff seemed a bit overextended, but that is what opening nights are for! Even then, I always got my drink served with a smile and a warm word. The muffuletta sandwich was delicious.

    Sorry, but only a totally clueless person would go to a soft opening night and bitch about poor service.

  6. I really want to love this place, but it’s driving me nuts that they have bussers but no waitstaff. It’s an impossible set up for a crowded night. We would go there more often and spend more money when we do if they offered table service instead of having to order everything at the bar.