Bluebird Homemade Ice Cream and Tea Parlor Opens Today

We interviewed Josh Reynolds, the entrepreneur behind Bluebird Homemade Ice Cream and Team Parlor opening today at 5 pm.  Josh has taken over the space at 1205 East Pike Street (formerly home to the Church of the Undignified).  The space is much larger than Molly Moon’s and Old School Frozen Custard, and one can envision that once the free wi-fi is installed (happening this Friday we’re told), visitors can lounge and enjoy the ice cream, sandwiches and tea at their leisure.  The renovation of the space has been done mostly with reclaimed materials (the counter for instance was once a high school gym floor). There is also a small stage where musicians and authors can perform.

Bluebird currently has eight icecream flavors and intends to keep this number pretty consistent – though flavors will rotate based on season.  They have collaborated with neighbors in the Elysian Stout (delicious – especially paired with a scoop of the peanut butter) and the Stumptown Coffee flavors.  The ice cream has between 12 and 15% butterfat – lending it a creamy richness.  Also, the ice cream is made on premises (I could smell the Elysian Stout being made).  Top Chef Contestant Robin Leventhal visited Bluebird a few days ago and pronounced the peanut butter and snickerdoodle scoops “DELICIOUS!”.  Bluebird is taking part in Blitz Arts Walk today and will open at 5.  Bring cash as they will only be able to accept cards beginning Saturday.  They are showing the work of Allison Choppick and Jennifer CulpEmail Josh to be sent an invite to enjoy some free Elysian “The Wise ESB” this evening.  After today, Bluebird’s hours will run from mid-morning (around 10:30 am) to midnight.

Bluebird will have “lots of vegetarian and vegan options”.  Josh pointed out that besides the sorbet, they will have “veggie sandwiches, vegan soups, vegan baked goods, and soon we’ll have Mighty-O!”

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7 thoughts on “Bluebird Homemade Ice Cream and Tea Parlor Opens Today

  1. My first thought was “not ANOTHER ice cream shop!” (we go for years with NO ice cream, then suddenly ice cream everywhere! I’m not complaining, I love ice cream and have mourned the demise of ice cream shops on the hill, I just don’t want them to overdo it and go out of business.) But after reading the review, it sounds like they are adding more to mix than just ice cream. Especially providing space to linger and more things to linger over, I think Bluebird will be a welcome addition to our embarrassment of ice cream riches.

  2. Molly Moon’s is great, but once you get your cone you just have to beeline it outta that crowded hot cave. This place sounds so much more chill from the review. Work, get some tea, read, have a cone, hear some music… I can’t wait to give it a try.

  3. Uh oh, they are using a chalkboard menu! OMG, watchout. They MUST be copying Molly Moon’s! Oh, how DARE they! ; )

    (said with sarcasm of course)

  4. I have been lucky enough to be on the sidelines of this business as it has developed. Josh, who is a Capitol Hill resident, has been thinking about what we (other ‘Hillers) want in this kind of cafe since the beginning — and has been committed to his ideal of fashioning the store with the materials that others no longer needed. There is actually quite a bit of Capitol Hill and Seattle past in the store’s furnishings, keep an eye out for it! I’m so glad he is getting to open his doors to the public and share his delicious products.

  5. I’m really excited to check out this new place in Capitol Hill. Beer and icecream working together…what’s not to love?

    I do have to say, what’s up with getting the name totally wrong in the first link in this post? Isn’t it BlueBIRD Homemade Ice Cream and TEA Parlor?