Madison apartment project goes back to drawing board

The project slated for 1222 E. Madison — the current home of Precision Tune — is up for its second design review tonight after the board rejected initial plans for the mixed-used development last month:

In the end, a divided board did not grant its recommendation despite saying much in praise of the project. But concerns over the 13th/Madison corner compelled the board to request the developers address that aspect of the design and present an update at a future public hearing. Specifically, the board didn’t like the concave entry and asked the developer to look at more asymmetrical and different shapes.

CHS contributor Josh Mahar had this to say about the project’s initial design:

The architects are Bellevue-based Baylis Architects. I can’t say it’s a standout project but it seems nice. Earlier I was worried that keeping the parking within the structure would inevitably make it ugly, but they massed the garage in the back of the building so it’s hidden from the street. Also, the limited parking will hopefully keep these units affordable (they claim in the proposal that this will be workforce housing). Due to earlier feedback they also shrunk the retail spaces, allowing for between four and six different spots. Check out the full proposal here [3.45mb].

The board will decide if the new design passes muster tonight at 6:30 PM at the Montlake Library.

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3 thoughts on “Madison apartment project goes back to drawing board

  1. Just wanted to say that I removed the new proposal and I think its much uglier than the old one. They removed the corner concave entrance and replaced it with a normal corner and another entrance off 13th instead. I think they changed a few things about garbage collection as well and thats it. I know everyone has their own opinion but I think its ridiculous that this project had to come back for such minor changes. And we wonder why new housing is so expensive in this city…

  2. really? They had to come back over that? Everyone complains about the boxiness of developments and these guys ask them to make it more boxy?