Starbucks reopens today at 6 am as 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea

We know that corporate behomeths need all the coverage they can get from neighborhood blogs.  In the spirit of this noble mission, we wanted to draw your attention to some of the best coverage we have come across so far:

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12 thoughts on “Starbucks reopens today at 6 am as 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea

  1. The place looks nice…

    Linda sounded so unprofessional on KIRO news last night. If Starbucks copied Linda, Linda also did a lot of copying of other places herself. Who cares, consider it a compliment.

    If you don’t like the place, don’t give it your business. People don’t need to be unwelcome/bad neighbors…

  2. They have a Clover! And though a cup of coffee from the Clover is expensive, the one I had this morning was unbelievably tasty.

  3. …the “dog of the month” thing is going to cause the dumbest fights you’ve ever seen, I guarantee it.

    I saw a few people have a shouting match over “genetic manipulation” and Labradoodles when they saw that one was the “pet of the month” at this shop I went to a couple of years ago. I’m sure you can imagine which non-Seattle city this was.

  4. Hey, you have to put up the posts that get the clicks. The CHS crowd may avoid the place as a whole, but it doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear about it.

  5. a movie set of a coffee shop! hehe. let me get this straight- it’s still Starbucks coffee they’re serving right?

  6. was discussing this issue with someone yesterday – looks like sbux prepared to lose their previous demographic and supporters – the store was slated to close & was marginal – so i guess ripe for experiment

  7. If nobody clicked, we’d still be running these stories. The discussion of local is too ripe and I can’t help but see our own situation through this. The community news business that we’re trying to build is about to face a wave of big media ‘hyperlocal’ efforts. Some might look as nice as 15th Ave Coffee and Tea. And some might deliver the goods and be very successful. It’s possible this ‘local’ trend could be great as big companies finally connect with the communities they are trying to reach and bring good service. But they also might only be building facades. We’ll see.

  8. AS a resident of 15th I am super excited to see a company investing money into the neighborhood. 15th has been ill served by the Capitol Hill Business Committee and it is about time folks recognized that there are individuals and families looking for great places to frequent on 15th. personally I am dying for the old crappy bookstore to be replaced with a Pasta & Co

  9. may have to pop in. but Victrola’s nasty old couches, slow baristas and slightly aloof staff will always have my loyalty. i’m not really sure why, but….

  10. Victrola’s pastries are yucky. They need “real” donuts and not that vegan crap too! Victrola for coffee and then over to “Starbucks” for a pastry…

  11. Victrola actually has some Essential Bakery stuff. Also, Mighty-O donuts are really good. Overall I think they actually have quite a decent selection of baked goods. They also have great sandwiches. Overall their food options are leaps and bounds better than any Starbucks I’ve ever been in.