Chapel change of ownership but business as usual

The Chapel Bar

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Sometimes, CHS reports news that happened 3 minutes ago. Sometimes, it happened last year. We haven’t seen anybody write about this so, therefore, it’s still news: Chapel has a new owner.

On August 21, Chapel’s Change of Corporate Officer Application was approved by the Washington State Liquor Control Board. We spoke to Elizabeth Harazim, Chapel’s Marketing and Promotions Manager, and she stated that the change in ownership happened last year and they had been delayed in notifying the liquor board.

The state corporation filing for Chapel lists Medina resident Charles Knox as the ‘registered agent’ of Chapel Bar, Inc.

Harazim said that Chapel will be stepping up its efforts to host more events (e.g. djs, fire eaters, comedy, and other performances).

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3 thoughts on “Chapel change of ownership but business as usual

  1. Whevener I go to Chapel, it’s always so random. One time I came and there was a gothic birthday party going on, the next time there was a fire eating show, and then most recently I’ve seen Mad Rad perform on tables right in front of the bar. Drinks are pretty good if you like girly martini’s. -Julia @

  2. It is housed in a fancy old funeral home – too much for me.

    I have attended funerals in the building. And “Chapel” projects all this chi chic chi stuff – go to the Cuff and have fun.

  3. I actually sat next to the new owner and who I believe was his partner. They had this annoying little dog that was just running everywhere and begging for food. The poor servers had to fawn all over the guy and that dang little dog and he was not very kind to them or the people around him.