Does 14th/15th at Madison need a nickname? It’s getting a cheese shop (probably)

This spring, CHS reported that cheese shop The Calf and Kid was making plans to open its business on 12th Ave near the Northwest Film Forum. That plan was not executed. And Sheri Lavigne’s hunt for a location down in I-5 Shores didn’t pan out either. So don’t count your curds just yet but it sounds like Calf and Kid finally has a home lined up. In an interview with CHS’s own Seadevi, Lavigne said she’s got the financing in place to open her shop in The Pearl building at 15th and Madison. Her neighbors will be Anchovies & Olives, newly moved-in plant purveyor Envy and CHS sponsor Healeo. Now, all Lavigne needs to do is sign the lease. (if this plan changes, no more updates until we have Calf & Kid cheese in our mouths!). Target for opening is a leisurely (easy for us to say) “before Thanksgiving.” Watch for the full interview from Seadevi later this week.

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9 thoughts on “Does 14th/15th at Madison need a nickname? It’s getting a cheese shop (probably)

  1. But didn’t it get one in an earlier post. Mad Market.

    I’m not sure any of the nicknames (I-5 shores, etc.) are particularly interesting, useful, or whatever.

  2. Organic cheeses? raw cheeses? I hope so! This will be great as we have such little selection right now on the hill. I find myself having to go all the way to Delaurenti’s sometimes.

  3. Thanks for the mention! Just to clarify, I’m HOPING to be open by our national day of gluttony, can’t make any promises at this point, but come hell or high water Calf & Kid will be gracing the Hill with its presence soon!

  4. Isn’t it just South Capitol Hill? Does it really need a new name? If it has to have one, why not just East Pike-Pine?