Massive fallen branch blocks Aloha

What is it about the intersection of Aloha and 15th? It’s the newsiest intersection outside Broadway at Pike.

This giant branch fell tonight around 7:30 PM, striking a parked car but doing no damage beyond a busted taillight. Nobody was injured.

Thanks for the e-mail tips alerting us to the incident.

The branch attracted gawkers and was large enough that it must have caused quite a crash when it tumbled. A couple returning home from dinner stepped cautiously over the fallen branches on the ‘safe’ side of the street as they made their way through the police tape to their home. Nobody dared walk on the south side of Aloha given the precarious lean of the fallen branch.

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4 thoughts on “Massive fallen branch blocks Aloha

  1. The noise was unbearable. This was worse than the Blue Angels. Animals were scared and I had to stay in side my home for a couple of hours. We need a referendum against this like San Francisco did with the Blue Angels.