Party tonight: 500 Pine revival

Partying requires work — in a sunny Cal Anderson (Photo: cap to the hill)

Because they are wayward youth, they’re not awake yet to read this but the kids from cap to the hill have a busy day ahead. Tonight is their 500 Pine Party to remember and celebrate the, as the children say, more skanky elements of Capitol Hill culture.

If you are asking, ‘Why the hype?‘ all that CHS can offer is that many on the Hill have a sense of loss about supposed grittier, more real times. It might be the same feeling as remembering how we used to be better friends. Or maybe something really has gone away. The buildings were torn down and the lot is empty.

But another lot will be full. The parking lot behind Havana at 10th and Pike hosts tonight’s event. It begins at 8 PM. More than 400 revelers are expected. It’s the same lot where people power mayoral candidate Mike McGinn held court on Election Night.

cap to the hill is busy working today with friends and volunteers to transform the lot into a 500 Pine replica. They also had $10,000 to spend thanks to the marketing effort and corporate sponsor backing the event. They asked us to invite you to stop by today to check out the preparations. More details here about getting into the party, etc. It’s free. But you have to have a ticket or an invite. If you waited this long, you’d better do something extra special to earn your pass.

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One thought on “Party tonight: 500 Pine revival

  1. Well, it would have been nice to have the opportunity to get the ticket in some manner that didn’t involve emailing people to no response.